A few years ago, it was infrequent to see a user using an Antivirus for Mac, but today, cybercrime has grown, and no operating system is exempt from a computer attack. 

For this reason, it is already widespread to consider what security I need if my operating system is OSX. However, they are less susceptible to virus infections than Windows computers, but they are no longer unrelated.

Malware developers seek to encompass or intoxicate the most significant number of people; for this very reason, must take care must take care. Nowadays, the use of Mac is more than daily and therefore; there are already more tangible victims in the market of computer contamination. 

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One of the most common strategies users hardly realize is through browser extensions and plug-ins such as Java or Adobe Flash, which we let them install without sometimes worrying that it could be harmful. There, without even realizing it, they maliciously infect us.

The best Antivirus for Mac and one of the most complete is BitDefender, catalogued as one of the most praised security suites for the apple world. 

Eliminates and protects annoying adware, contains continuous and automatic monitoring of files and the system, has an anti-phishing filter, prevents malware and does not affect the general performance of the equipment, uninterrupted protection with the supervision of online purchases, and service of cloud-based security.

Select the Best Antivirus for Mac

In terms of options and particularities, one of the leading choices is Kaspersky. It was one of the best results obtained in the tests of AV-Comparatives (autonomous specialists who publish monthly their analysis of antivirus and, in addition, security software). 

The company has a lot of experience in security, with resources and tools that have been useful to consumers for years. Performance is good, with a remarkable ability to detect new and old threats. The license is paid, and it includes protection for one year for a maximum of three devices. 

As free Antivirus for Mac are: Avast (compatible with any Mac OS X with at least 128 MB of RAM (it also works with Yosemite, the latest version), which focuses on protecting our data, information and identity on the network to watch over our navigation constantly; Avic, according to AV, is capable of locating 99% of Mac threats, thus having one of the fastest scans of all, although it consumes a lot of resources when it is asked to scan the entire system.

As we said before, Antiviruses for Mac are already being used more. However, the OSx operating system is based on Unix, and its heart is insecurity and efficiency; thanks to the Sandbox, it is still interchangeable. 

You may wonder what this word is; well, it is what is responsible for isolating the main parts of the operating system, that is, data, the library and other applications.

Thus, if one of our apps has malicious software, it blocks it to safeguard your computer and all your information. 

The latest version of OSx, Mavericks parses PDF, Flash, QuickTime, Java and other typical applications. But as we always say, any precaution is not enough. 

Therefore, it is better to be cautious and hire an Antivirus to avoid computer viruses regardless of your computer model.

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