CDNs, or content distribution networks, are critical to the fast loading speed of our website. This factor is crucial for optimal SEO positioning in web search engines and the best experience for our users.

The Internet has been gaining the respect of all those who want to expose a business idea on the network. We have found effective communication channels with our target market in this medium. Given the reward, we have been evolving in its use, to the point of talking about optimization.

Internet optimization is about many things, perhaps too many to be mentioned in the same article, but if there is something we should highlight, it is improving the loading speed of your web page.

Currently, the loading speed of a Web is decisive to position itself well in Internet search engines. According to the same search engines, a Web page loads more or less quickly affects the user experience, which in turn It’s going to make or break our chances of convincing them and converting them into potential customers.

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At this point, the CDN, Content Delivery Network in English or Content Distribution Networks come in, whose sole objective is to make our website reach end-users more easily.

The operation is simple, and it is decentralization; that is, I, who have a Web page, keep a copy of it on different servers in other parts of the world so that whoever wants to have access to it does not have to wait that the information travels back and forth to the server where my website is hosted initially.

I know you are saying: “well, it is not that it takes so long to send the request and give a result”, and indeed you are right, but once again, I repeat, it is about optimization. Therefore it is not enough to be good; you need to be the best.

Currently, optimal load times are below one second; I can understand your web page loads in a prime time lacking optimization.

Yes, I know that you make efforts to optimize the loading time of your website. We have talked about improving SEO and web positioning more than once, but it is not enough because one thing is that your page meets the optimization criteria. Another thing is that the journey of the information from your website is efficient.

So, you can already get an idea that a content delivery network, CDN, is applicable when information travels from far away.

But it is not the only thing it is used for; I also tell you that, even with the server just around the corner, there may be connectivity problems, especially at peak times, that is, times when the flow of information is very high.

Before telling you about the potential advantages that a CDN can give you for your website, I must remind you that it is a strategy that must well thought out; it is not about doing it because the rest of the world does it.

CDNs are like catalysts for your project on the Internet, but they only speed up when your website is ready for it. For this, you should ask yourself:

  1. Is my website well designed? Is it optimized for SEO web positioning for mobile phones?
  2. Is my value proposition attractive? Have I taken into account the user experience?
  3. What am I gaining with my website? What are my aspirations and goals?
  4. If the answer to those questions concludes that you are ready for the next step, go ahead with the CDN. Now, when is its use justified?

The use of a content distribution network is justified when your web page is made up of heavy elements, such as image galleries or long videos, among others. Remember that downloading these resources for the proper functioning of your website is what slows down the loading time and is what we seek to avoid.

Has it not happened to you that you enter Web pages and they take a long time to load all the elements? That’s because all the requests go to one server and get “stuck” probably; that page doesn’t use a CDN.

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