With the increase in teleworking, many new dynamics have had to be applied in the world of work, and one of them has been the electronic signature

When teleworking prevails and it is not possible to physically go to the office, companies need to have an alternative to giving their workers be the ability to sign documents at any time. 

What is the Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is a tool that allows you to replace the handwritten signature, that is, the handwritten one. This will enable you to sign any document at any time without having to print, scan and send, as has been done all your life. 

Electronic Signature

And how do we know that this claim is accurate and has not been falsified? Through cryptographic methods that ensure the authenticity of the signature. But this must be done through an electronic signature system that protects the data and allows for even more rigorous control. 

Electronic Signature System, Why?

With an electronic signature system, the company will be able to guarantee the integrity of the signed document, thus being able to speed up the different processes involved in signing documents. To sign the record, the company must follow the following steps: 

  • Upload the Document to the Platform 
  • Indicate who must sign 
  • Send the document 

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With three simple steps, the company will be able to send the document that must be signed and will be able to obtain an almost immediate response. But, what kind of documents can be signed through electronic signature? 

  • Bank loan contracts 
  • Employment contracts 
  • Signatures with clients and suppliers 
  • Sales documents 
  • Approval of quotes 
  • Authorizations 

In companies, many areas can benefit from this type of signature. Still, without a doubt, the Human Resources department or the commercial operations department will take great advantage of this tool. 



Reduce Costs

Having an electronic signature system will reduce costs in purchasing paper, ink, printers, toners and storage furniture. 

Error Minimization

The electronic signature reduces the risk of making an error since it identifies the person who will sign and ensures the integrity of the document. In addition, it complies with the regulations of electronic records. 


The management and storage of documents are much more straightforward since the platform allows you to organize the documents without printing them (which could lead to their loss). Storing all documents in the cloud makes it much easier to access them, saving work time. 


With a single click, you will have a signed document. If we have to print it, sign it, scan it and send it, we will lose much more time, and if at that moment we do not have a printer, there will be even more delay. With the electronic signature system, the process is streamlined, sign at any time and from anywhere. 


Electronically signed documents cannot be changed or edited. In addition, electronic signature systems guarantee the total security of the documents and have a certification that will be difficult to violate. 

Environmental Commitment

Implementing the electronic signature will reduce paper consumption, making us a more sustainable and environmentally friendly company. 

The Electronic Signature System Excellence

RealSignes is a platform capable of adapting to the needs of any company to implement an integrated electronic signature management system. 

All electronic signatures made with this system comply with European elDas regulations and have legal validity. In addition, it is accessible for any device and integrates five electronic signature modalities.

  1. Simple 
  2. Simple biometrics 
  3. Remote 
  4. Advanced Biometrics 
  5. Centralized  

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