These are bad times for companies that survive thanks to targeted advertising on the Internet. Google, the company behind the Android operating system, has announced that it is working on the arrival of new solutions to improve the privacy of those who use its services on smartphones. 

The plan is to reduce the access by applications to Internet users’ information. According to the company, the new solutions “will limit access to user data with third parties and will operate without identifiers between applications, including advertising IDs.”

The company has shared that it is also working on the advent of technologies that reduce the possibility of covert data collection and developing more secure ways to embed apps in adware development kits.

The exact moment the changes will arrive has not been shared; however, Google has promised to maintain the existing technologies for two more years.

Should remember it should remember that advertising IDs, with which any ‘smartphone’ has, allow third parties to understand better the browsing habits and interests of users, which will enable them to show them more targeted advertising that will probably be of interest to them. 

These, as we said, will continue to be present, at least until 2024. “We are also exploring technologies that reduce the possibility of covertly collecting data and safer ways to integrate applications into advertising application development kits,” they say from Google.

They have committed to developing this new system from the technology throughout this year. According to ‘ The Wall Street Journal, it should be ready for launch in 2023. ‘

A New Problem for Facebook

In principle, the new Google solutions, of which hardly any specific details have been shared, are very reminiscent of those that Apple began to establish on its devices a year ago with the launch of the iOS 14.5 operating system. The apple signature update prevented apps from accessing users’ browsing data without their consent.

Apple’s policies, which Google now appears to be replicating in part, have dealt a severe blow to companies like Meta. The latter’s revenues come mainly from advertising on Facebook and Instagram’s social networks. 

Mark Zuckerberg himself, its CEO, acknowledged a few weeks ago that the company expects a drop in revenue of close to 10,000 million dollars in 2022 due to this measure. This statement has caused, in part, that the company’s value has fallen by approximately 300,000 million dollars in recent days.

Google, meanwhile, has wanted to calm the waters stating that its new solutions will not be as drastic as those of Apple. 

“We are aware that other platforms are taking other approaches to ad privacy, essentially focused on restricting the tools that developers and advertisers use today. In our opinion, if a privacy-friendly alternative is not offered first, these approaches may be ineffective and lead to worst-case scenarios.”

According to Google, its upcoming ad solutions aim to be “effective and more privacy-friendly.” The company is not only concerned that users have the security “that they are not systematically tracked”; it is also worried that developers and companies continue to have “the necessary tools to navigate in the mobile universe.”


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