Anyone from the millennial generation will remember the era when mobiles were nothing more than gadgets that allowed us to send messages (for which you paid by characters), make missed calls, and make calls. Do you also remember that we had to wait for the battery to fully discharge to charge the phone? Raise your hand, whoever continues to do the same!

That was what was recommended with the batteries then, but now the batteries and the use we make of mobile phones are very different. Who is not surprised that the mobile could last almost a week without charging? 

In today’s post, we don’t get the battery to last a week, but we’ll give you 5 tricks to help your mobile phone battery last longer without charging.

5 tricks to extend the life of the battery of the smartphone

Reduce the brightness of the screen will help the smartphone battery last longer

If we go to Settings> Battery> Battery use, we will see the screen’s primary energy expense. In some cases, the difference in smartphone battery life is the screen’s brightness; the difference between having the brightness at maximum or more adjusted can be several hours. 

To do this, we can level the brightness manually, leave it automatic, and use darker wallpapers, which will use less energy from the screen.

Unnecessary connections

Do you always have WiFi activated? And what about Bluetooth or GPS? Yes, it is much more comfortable to have them always active, but did you know that these connections are constantly looking for networks to connect to? So if we are in an area where we are not going to use them, it is better to have them disconnected and activate them again when we are going to use them.

Avoid keeping your phone plugged in

We are not recommended to keep our smartphones connected to the current one once the battery is fully charged. Nothing usually happens, but the longer our phones are plugged in, the more likely they cause short circuits or swell the batteries.

Not fully charging the smartphone battery every time 

We must charge them between 30% and 80%. The batteries that are currently used have nothing to do with the previous ones. In the past, they had a memory effect, that is, the reduction of the capacity of the batteries with incomplete charges; this happened when the battery was charged when it had not been 100% discharged. 

Currently, the ideal is to charge each time up to a different amount, and, in addition, we should only charge the batteries to 100% after a few partial recharges.

Recalibrate battery

How many times has it happened to you that you have charged your mobile to 100%, and after a few minutes, it drops to 50%? This is a reading error rather than the battery itself. Our phone does not show us the actual battery charge. To solve it, we must recalibrate it: we will let the battery completely discharge, even if it turns off, we will turn it on again until it is impossible, and then we will fully charge it with the phone turned off.

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