SEO plays an important role in ranking and traffic, which can make a crucial difference to your website and vice versa. People don’t usually associate their web host with search engine optimization. 

However, the reality of the situation is quite different, so much so that the web host you are currently using could be the reason why. Your website is poorly rated.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why a web hosting provider can increase or decrease your search engine optimization (SEO).

The speed of your website could be crucial for SEO

Many experts claim that the main factor in your SEO hosting is actually how fast your website loads. Because major search engines have started to pay attention to the time it takes to load a web page in their overall ranking algorithms, speed plays an important role.

It will not be used if your website takes a long time to load. Consequently, you will lose traffic. This is especially true if most of your traffic is generated by mobile users, likely using Wi-Fi connections with multiple processes.

Increasing the overall speed of your site

If your website takes too long to load, it’s time to take some action and speed up your website. You may be on a slow server, or excessive loading time is caused by images, videos, and other content, along with poor web design, so investing in a good designer now will pay off.

Using images to improve your website’s user experience is necessary. However, you have to be careful in your optimization and ensure there are not too many on a single page. Regarding image optimization, the image cannot be larger than 100KB.

As far as videos are concerned, if you have an autoplay video, it will definitely slow down your web page loading. First, the auto-playing video will increase loading times in general, plus most users don’t want to watch the video or at least want to have the option to watch it and not be forced to.

Uptime, Downtime, and Rankings

Website downtime is the time your web page is inaccessible due to server issues. Now the tricky part is that search engines are trying to reach your page multiple times over 24 hours, so if you visit your website when it is down, it will record your page as inaccessible and go to The next. Search engines are trying to avoid showing unreliable sites.

To be realistic, a certain amount of downtime is unavoidable, even with the most expensive web hosting plan, but make sure your hosting provider guarantees a minimum uptime of at least greater than 99.5%.

The factor server performance

A server crash can be caused by different reasons, among which we find server overload due to high traffic, poor maintenance, old servers that cannot handle shared hosting, viruses, malware, etc.

Ultimately, not everything comes down to making the right decision but also having little luck. No matter which hosting company you choose, there is always a chance that the servers will go down from time to time.

It all comes down to making the right decision when choosing your hosting company.


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