Instagram is an essential social network for anyone who wants to communicate as close as possible to their audience. The Instagram 2023 figures bear this out. 

Instagram has a lot of advantages:

  • It is attractive and creative.
  • It allows you to design personalized content that reflects your identity.
  • It allows you to be in direct contact with people who are interested in your activity.

However, unlike Facebook or Twitter, for example, Instagram does not allow you to publish direct links in your publications (web pages, blog articles, product pages, etc.).

On Instagram, there is only one place where you can provide access to your website link (or any other link important to your business), and that is the Instagram bio link!

Suppose we dedicate an article to writing an Instagram bio. In that case, it is because this famous “bio” has a significant role on your page.

Like any other social network, Instagram has its tips and tricks that you must master to achieve your goal of gaining visibility. The Instagram bio is one of them, it should really make you want to subscribe to your account. This is why it must, in a few lines, have maximum effect! 

Do you want to write a stylish Instagram bio? Follow our advice!

Instagram bio: why is it important to take care of it?

Writing your Instagram bio is an exercise similar to pitching your business in 2 minutes: the time is short, but you have to get to the point and highlight the most attractive assets of your business. The objective? Capture attention and get noticed to make people want to call on you.

It’s the same thing with your Instagram bio: this time, it’s the space that is short. You only have 150 characters (hashtags included) to convince! Choosing the right words is, therefore, mandatory.

As its name suggests, “Insta bio” is short for biography. Everything is said, except that it is a minimalist biography. It is the first point of contact with the potential follower who will land on your page. You have to make him want to subscribe to you. Your Instagram bio should demonstrate your professionalism and brand identity.

To write an Instagram bio that works, put yourself in the place of the Internet user who discovers you for the first time. 

It will first read your Bio, then it will scroll through your publications. At this stage, make sure there is consistency between your publications and your Bio. Your posts must confirm the strengths that you have formulated in your Bio and satisfy expectations. 

Thirdly, if you arouse interest, the Internet user will subscribe to your account, and the long-awaited final action: he will click on the link that you have integrated into your Bio.

Indeed, suppose the Instagram bio is so important. In that case, it is because it allows you to convert: it is the only place where you can find a clickable link. It is also the place on your Instagram account that makes it easier to get in touch by including your email address and/or phone number. This is why it is essential to pamper her!

But how can you ensure that your Bio is stylish and practical enough to make it an acquisition vector?

Start by thoroughly mastering each possibility offered by your Bio.

What are the critical elements of an Instagram bio?

Your objective: To encourage people to subscribe to your page, click on the link in your Instagram bio, and contact you directly. 

To do this, you need to say who you are, what you offer, and that little thing that will make the difference and express the personality of your brand. 

Good to know: You can modify your Instagram bio via your smartphone but also on your computer, which is often easier to write. In both cases, simply click on “Edit profile,” which is located next to your profile photo.

Name and username: The name and username are the only two pieces of information that the Internet user will be able to type in to find you.

The username must be unique; no one other than you has it. This is the name that appears in bold at the top of your profile. 

If you are an independent contractor, you can put your name here. If you are a brand, put your brand name. Could you keep it simple?

Your name will include your civil name or your brand name by adding your field of activity. 

Let’s break down this Instagram bio, we find: 

  • Username: “Alex.Munro”
  • The name: “Alex, coach for Indies.”

This profile can be found by its username as well as by the keywords “coach” or “coach for independents” (…) that the user will type into the Instagram search engine. To increase your visibility, choose one or more keywords that summarize your activity.

  • Category: “Entrepreneur”
  • The famous organic 
  • A resource to another Instagram account
  • A link to a website

Category: This is to indicate which category your business belongs to. This field is exclusively reserved for professional profiles on Instagram.

Website: Here and only here can you indicate the link to your website. But you can change this link to an Instagram bio: in fact, if you want to make a specific landing page, a piece of news, a special offer, a blog article, or the latest video visible, you can put their link here (only one link is permitted.)

Biography: We will come back to this in the next part of the article. Remember that it must not exceed 150 characters (emojis and hashtags included.)

Contact information: Your business card! Provide a professional email address to contact you (and get a quick response). If you have a physical business, add the address, as well as the opening hours.

Verified badge: The small blue badge that appears next to your username indicates that your account has been verified by Instagram and assures your future followers that you are not a fake account. Obtaining this badge reassures and is a guarantee of credibility, especially for a brand. To do this, go to your Settings and click on “Request verification.”

Our tips for writing a practical and stylish Instagram bio

Some tips to make your Instagram bio more stylish and impactful 

A simple Instagram bio that sets you apart

Your Bio is the summary of your activity as well as your Instagram profile; it must express not only what you do but your personality as a brand or as an entrepreneur. 

Writing a simple Instagram bio is recommended. This is storytelling in a short format, all the more reason to say the essentials. What makes you different? What is special and unique that you bring to your future subscribers and customers?

Are you looking for an Instagram bio idea? Look at the Instagram accounts of competing brands, brands, and personalities that inspire you. When you like something, could you take note of it?

Add different links to their Bio

You can, of course, add the link to the home page of your website, but you could also put the link to your new flagship collection, your latest ebook, etc.

You can, therefore, regularly update the clickable link in your Instagram bio.

However, it can be frustrating to only add one link to your Instagram bio. This is why some use the Linktree or many. Link app. With these tools, you give access to several links in addition to sites, for example, your Facebook pages, Linkedin, etc. Registration for these tools is free; it will then allow you to configure the landing page, which will display the different links in your Instagram bio.

Add hashtags

You know, the hashtag is the crux of the matter on Instagram; it is thanks to this keyword that you can be found. Add one or two hashtags to your Instagram bio which is very significant to what characterizes you. And to be on target, research the popularity of hashtags. You ensure that your hashtag is relevant and can bring you visibility because it is searched.

A stylish Instagram bio

Take inspiration from other Instagram accounts that you find stylish. And you can bet that their bios are super effective! For an Instagram bio to be effective, it must be well structured. 

Make line breaks. Let your Bio breathe 😉

Add emojis if they fit your brand identity. Also, use special characters to structure your content.

You can also put certain important words in bold or even change the Instagram font for your Bio!

Some people are very creative in this area. Changing the Instagram font for your Bio is a plus that makes a difference, provided that this originality makes sense in relation to your activity! Are you a creative entrepreneur? It’s perfect.

Some tools are dedicated to Instagram fonts in Bio, such as the Instagram fonts tool. 

Finally, your Bio must represent you as best as possible; it is a biography. But if you can’t find the words to talk about yourself, perhaps those of others can help you. An Instagram bio quote can clearly make an impact, showing your curiosity and inspiration. Here are more examples of a stylish Instagram bio!


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