Finding out where the truth is on the Internet is not easy. News, advertisements, pages, stories… totally false that go viral due to the very nature of the Internet abound on the Internet. 

Even people make these false truths their own and continue to spread them as irremediably accurate. 

And one thing is fake news, and another is legends, myths, or popular beliefs about our smartphones. Surely you have heard some of the ones we mentioned on more than one occasion. We deny them now. THEY ARE NOT TRUE.

Knowing them will help you improve your experience with the device and make you forget about specific actions you perform. These are some of the most listened to…

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If you do not charge the battery to 100%, your mobile loses its helpful life.

FALSE. This urban legend comes from the first mobile phones, with a battery and different operation than the current ones. Lithium batteries do not suffer if you stop charging them when they are 50, 70, or 80%. Experts recommend that the battery percentage be as far from 0% as possible.

Having the credit card in the sleeve renders it useless

FALSE. The magnetic field that would affect your card must be very, very strong, and that of your mobile phone cannot affect it. It has never been shown that a mobile phone has demagnetized a credit card.

The mobile phone blows up planes and gas stations

FALSE. My goodness! Since you can’t use your cell phone at gas stations and on planes, urban legends grow, and people begin to believe that everything explodes. And the reason is straightforward. Do you know why you can’t use your mobile on a plane? So that you attend to the flight personnel’s orders and the pilot’s messages by public address. And at gas stations, it’s simply to avoid distractions while you’re with the hose. No sparks are generated; you will not interfere with the flight or anything like that…

The battery or phone explodes

FALSE. A real classic! You will have heard it on many occasions, and there is a multitude of information and videos on the Internet “demonstrating it.” The cases in which this fact has occurred are very few. If your charger is decent, there’s nothing to worry about. Phones can indeed get very hot in certain situations, but there is a stretch from there to when they explode.

The phone causes cancer

FALSE. The belief has been spread for a long time that if you sleep next to your mobile (you use it as an alarm clock), night radiation can affect you and lead to adverse health consequences. Even though many studies have been carried out to find out about this problem, none have managed to confirm its certainty.

Fast charging decreases battery life

FALSE. Another reasonably widespread hoax is that new charging forms (fast or wireless) harm our smartphones’ batteries. Any load has an identical impact on our mobile battery if it is true that fast charging increases the temperature of the device.

You can only use the original charger and cable

FALSE. All mobiles are usually bought with a charger and a cable, but you do not have to use the same one every time. If you forget or lose (or any other reason), you can use another charger. Internally, smartphones have protection systems that will prevent the charger from entering more power than is supported by the battery. Of course, always take care of the quality of the charger you use.

In Android, there are many viruses, and it is easy to get infected

FALSE. Of course, viruses are explicitly created for this operating system, but it is not exclusive to Android. You should not download applications outside the Play Store; this way, you will avoid infecting your mobile with malicious software.

If it has more megapixels, it is better

FALSE. It is a kind of generalized belief. The more megapixels the camera has, the better the mobile. And it’s not true. Megapixels allow the resolution of photographs to be more or less high, but they are not all that is important in an image.

Lowering the brightness level of the screen helps your eyes

FALSE. Some people keep the night brightness mode of their mobile during the day, thinking that this way they strain their eyes more, but they are damaging their eyes since they have to make twice the effort to see the screen correctly.

Disinfectant wipes damage the screen

FALSE. With the arrival of COVID19, we have all thrown ourselves into keeping our mobile phones more disinfected than ever. The belief arose that disinfectant wipes could damage our mobile phones during this time. Studies have already disproved it. Keep cleaning!

Google and Facebook spy on you

TRUE. But not because you are a celebrity (we are sorry to say it), but because he wants to know your habits to recommend products and services to you. It is you who agrees to provide this information to applications you download. However, I don’t think you will have a problem.

It’s been fun! We hope you will not believe these urban legends about your mobile phone again. Of course, if you know of any more, we can’t wait to hear them in the comments.

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