How do Snapchat advertising and Snap Ads work? We know that the giants of social networks are Facebook and Instagram. However, Snapchat is far from being a platform to be ignored, much less in digital marketing and as a strategy for your company or business. 

Doing a brief refresher, Snapchat is a messaging application launched on the market in 2011, with multimedia support for photos and short videos and whose permanence on the platform is a maximum of 24 hours and that users create to send it to their contacts. , groups or upload them to your profile, with the option to save them in a private gallery or permanently delete it.

Its most attractive tools are the augmented reality filters; in fact, they were the first to incorporate this option, and the geofilters, patented by the company as a label that will help the positioning visibility of the content on the platform.

Its primary audience is young people, with the majority of people who use the application the most being between the ages of 14 and 24, with the majority being located in the United States.

Snapchat and Advertising

Before starting in this part, let’s talk a little about numbers because those of us who live in a world of digital marketing know the importance of figures to measure the scope and the strategies we implement.

You may be surprised to learn that Snapchat currently has an average of more than 230 million daily active users, which is not alarming if we count on the competition it has with the giants of Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Therefore, by managing this amount and knowing that most of this audience is young and with a defined location, we have a half-plowed field to start our advertising strategy, which is an excellent place to achieve engagement.

Advantages of Advertising on Snapchat

Faceless Competition

Despite its attractive number of active users, it still falls short of its competitors. However, this detail represents a positive point since a minority of brands are present on this platform, which could even be considered an exclusive space.

Ability to Reach New Audiences

As it is a platform where the majority of those who make their lives are young people, who spend a large part of the day within the application, this provides an excellent opportunity to attract new customers and followers through fun formats that allow you to capture that attention and make your product known excitingly.

Simple Dynamic

Compared to other platforms, the Snapchat format is still simple and easy to consume, as it is ephemeral, and the duration of photos and videos does not cover a significant period compared to an IGTv that usually lasts from 1 minute onwards. Therefore, the message to be broadcast is received and assimilated easily and quickly.

Offers Authenticity

Stories on social networks have always been cataloged as the most sincere sample of our reality since it is an opportunity to share authentic moments without much editing. And Snapchat is practically a story factory thanks to the formats it works with and offers to the public, so connecting through these will not be an impossible mission.

How does advertising work on Snapchat?

Connecting With a Specific Audience

Knowing the average age of the frequent users of the platform, a tacit segmentation is automatically taking place. If your target is oriented to this public, congratulations, you have an excellent place to interact directly and increase brand engagement.

Displaying the Brand Creatively.

If Snapchat has something, even before its competition, it is a comprehensive graphic material to create content. Therefore, you have an excellent opportunity to show your products or services in conjunction with your branding to capture the attention creatively and attractively of the public.

Linking to your Website

Thanks to the option to include links to websites, you can take advantage of this great option so that users can click and go to your page to learn more about your brand and what you offer.

Promoting Events

Suppose your brand organizes and celebrates events as a marketing strategy. In that case, this platform will also work for you to promote them, just as we mentioned before, in a creative way, thanks to the options it offers in terms of editing and customization.

Snap Ads

Snap Ads are videos in vertical format, containing 10-second ads in the Stories section and offering short advertising space to creatively promote your product or service and generate an opportunity to achieve engagement and visits. To your website.

The main objective is to generate a type of advertising that is not intrusive and has the desired impact.


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