In an increasingly connected world, the telecommunications industry has historically faced the constant challenge of providing an exceptional experience to its customers in a sector that, traditionally, has yet to obtain the best marks in terms of satisfaction.

However, a revolution is transforming how this industry approaches the so-called Customer Experience (CX). Thanks to the strategic combination of tools to capture the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, these companies are redefining their approaches and achieving notable improvements in their NPS (Net Promoter Score), the metric used to measure the customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Fastweb, a leading company in the Italian telecommunications sector, also achieved a positive NPS with an average of +15% higher than its competitors.

Implement an effective omnichannel system

The first step, and one of the most basic, is the collection of feedback and direct, indirect, and inferred data from consumers from a wide range of internal and external sources, including those from the web, RSS, email, or SMS. , but also the experience in the stores or with the contact center employees.

Transform data into concrete actions

The next step in this data collection is the precise and real-time analysis of unstructured feedback, even in multiple languages ​​, in the case of multinationals. Using natural language processing, AI can identify behavioral patterns and trends in customers’ open-ended responses in surveys or on social media, for example, providing detailed information about their emotions and frustrations and acting quickly to maintain their loyalty before becoming detractors.

Closing the “Close the Loop” by delivering exceptional service

The ability to ‘close the interaction loop’ in real-time, that is, the strategic approach to immediately handle customer feedback, especially those who have expressed dissatisfaction, reinforces the company’s service culture and customer-centric approach. Company, making a significant difference in a market as competitive as telecommunications. Implementing innovative technologies to, for example, ensure follow-up with live respondents can even turn detractors back into brand promoters.

Measure results and tangible improvements

The last step to evaluate the effectiveness of all the previous actions is to check the results obtained based on standard and/or customized KPIs, including R-NPS (relational or “brand” NPS), P-NPS (“product”), T-NPS and CES (transactional NPS and customer effort scoring for individual interactions), survey response rates or customer recovery rates, among others. Thanks to this, it will be possible to demonstrate the improvements and value of Close the Loop actions and the investments made.

Thus, as we move into the future, collaboration between technology and a customer-centric approach will be the key to achieving exceptional results, as Voice of the Customer and Artificial Intelligence tools are more than just trends and have become essential drivers for the transformation of multiple economic sectors and especially effective in industries such as telecommunications.


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