The audience’s eternal obsession with likes has led Instagram to consider hiding the counter on several occasions, wreaking havoc on mental health, especially in adolescents and young people.

Those who are still looking for the golden formula for their Instagram images to attract more clicks and the heart button to swell with counting likes can take a look at the latest study on the matter, carried out by researchers at North Carolina State University and whose conclusions are collected by Fast Company. 

In their report, published in the journal Science Direct, the researchers detail the keys to optimize an Instagram photo, regardless of the text that accompanies it or the number of followers an account has.

Using purpose-built software, they scanned approx (147,963) Instagram images, generating scores based.

On six different visual qualities, which previous studies have shown lead to high user engagement. They also considered the confounding variables: the number of followers and likes.

Under the Title, Simplicity is not Key

Understanding firm-generated social media images and consumer liking, these experts share two main recommendations and six specific qualities that your following snapshots must have if you want to hit the nail on the head. 

The main rules are to mix the balance of light and colour without going too much or too little and to make sure that the image is straightforward or, on the contrary, very complex.

Six qualities that an Instagram image must have to succeed

Colour Complexness

Regarding the richness of the colours in the picture, less is more to get likes. 

Brightness Entropy

Regarding the intensity of brightness in the image: the more, the better!

Unique Objects Count: Rather than cram many different things into a photo, it’s better to aim for fewer objects in the frame.

Edge Thickness

The ideal image strikes a balance between edges and “no edges.” They give the example of a large flag in front of a building with windows, and neither intricate patterns nor giant solid coloured backgrounds help.

Irregularity in the Exhibition of Things

Visual disorder triumphs, so the less regular it is, the more likes it usually gets. For example, the extreme simplicity of a brick wall is set against a wall of graffiti.

Asymmetry in the Arrangement of Entities 

The trait most directly related to generating more likes? The more symmetry, both vertical and horizontal, the better. 

The study concludes that optimizing features and design on the social network could improve consumer engagement by 19%. 

In addition, by applying the appropriate filter, likes can be increased by 3%. 

At the moment, their program isn’t user-friendly. Still, its creators are confident that “the right techies could use it to create a valuable tool for the industry,” in the words of Bill Rand, executive director of the Business Analytics Initiative. 

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