Today many companies rely on the success of AI for their marketing campaigns. A fact that, without a doubt, is giving them good results. Below we highlight some success stories generated from the application of AI in digital marketing in prestigious companies such as Mahou San Miguel, CareSkore, and Netflix, among which are also Genesys clients such as Toyota, eBay, and Uber.

1. Mahou San Miguel

The company has turned to AI and Big Data to achieve its main objectives: for its marketing department to know the digital impact on the brand image and predict the most appropriate mix to achieve its goals.

2. Care Score

With predictive analytics, CareSkore saves time, money, and resources. It provides personalized management in the field of medical care hand in hand with Artificial Intelligence, allowing the creation of predictive analyzes in real-time. This reduces hospital readmissions.

3. Netflix

The American entertainment company used AI to create an algorithm that recommends new programs to watch based on data collected from viewing history on the platform and the time of day, and user preferences.

4. Toyota

Saatchi & Saatchi, an advertising agency, collaborated with Toyota on a campaign that used an internal Artificial Intelligence panel to compare audiences based on multiple interests uploaded to the database, with various interactions. Through the collection of consumer data powered by automated AI, marketing teams came up with insights they couldn’t discover otherwise and told the brand story more personally.

5. eBay

The eBay bot allows you to search for products, collections, discounts, and unique objects. He is a personal shopper who learns as you talk to him and improves over time to offer a better service.

6. Uber

The new Uber bot has been on Facebook Messenger for more than a year, allowing the user to request a car from any conversation by clicking on the car image icon and sending messages to the bot to ask about the trip. This bot is also on Slack and Telegram.

The Future Potential of AI

The truth is that, at present, numerous companies already use AI to automate email marketing and sales processes, with many success stories in this regard. In fact, according to Servion Global Solutions, it is estimated that by 2025 AI will power 95% of customer interactions, including online and over the phone.

There is no doubt that today marketing is undergoing changes in search of satisfying, engaging, personalized, and satisfying experiences, and “ensuring an intelligent trajectory” hand in hand with Artificial Intelligence is a success in the eyes of analysts. 

It can improve many processes related to the needs of consumers and can improve many functions related to the needs of consumers. In addition, it helps manage advertising campaigns and segment audiences.

AI is increasingly present in marketing through more sophisticated tools and technologies, although it still has a long way to go and, according to experts, is at the gates of its full potential.


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