Before starting a business, there is a concept that must be mastered. It is, in fact, the first step to be taken that will determine the success, or not, of the future company. This is the business plan. The word may seem vicious and scary, but you will see that the concept is within everyone’s reach.

Business plan: what is it?

A business plan (business plan or concept) is a working document containing a company’s objectives and strategies with the basic requirements, plans, and measures for a certain period. It should be divided into four parts.

On the one hand, the business plan has the task of convincing potential investors of the concept. On the other hand, within the company, it forms the basis for strategy and future planning projects.

Of course, this all sounds relatively complicated. Still, the initial difficulties will be reduced if you gather enough information before writing the plan – and the Internet is an extremely important and comprehensive source for this, too.

Possible categories of a business plan

If you plan to create a sole proprietorship, the preparation of a business plan, and therefore the planning of the investments, the profitability, and the liquidity of the parties, is easier to manage than in the case of a large company.

Some plans had only 6 pages. Yet they were approved by the tax advisor. Some entrepreneurs have designed their business plans based on smaller steps. As such, some patterns can be followed as a model.

First of all, it is necessary to describe, in detail, the idea of ​​the company. Then, it is necessary to describe the level of knowledge in the targeted field (technology, agri-food, etc.).

Here are the other points to mention in a business plan:

– Products/services

– The market/competition situation

– The legal form

– Marketing (pricing, advertising design)

– Insurance and memberships

– Taxes

– Opportunities and risks

– Financing/budget calculation (list of capital needs in the start-up phase)

– The financing plan (Do I have my own funds? Do I need external capital? Expected income, monthly expenses)

The cover page, the table of contents, and the curriculum vitae are in the form of a table in the appendix. They can be inserted to complete the business plan.

Of course, getting help in designing a business plan is important. It is possible to call on the tax advisor. This one will prepare certain documents to request subsidies, such as the subsidy for creating the company.

Free and paid business plan templates on the Internet

There are many free samples and templates for preparing your business plan on the Internet that you can use as a guide. There are several ways to get there.

On the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology business start-up portal, you will find some sample business plans as PDF files for download, as well as further information on the content and form of the business plan. A business plan and important financial information.

Many country chambers of commerce and industry have a business plan for download on their website. It is also useful to look at these pages from time to time.

On Businessplan4u, you can have a business plan template sent to you via the newsletter form. You will also find more information on the website. Businessplan4u offers many business plans for specific business areas, which are chargeable (€39.30). The business plan and the financial plan are then included in the scope of the service. For its part, Exchange also provides templates and samples for a price starting from €14.90.

It is also recommended to have various online tools to create your business plan online.

You can easily create the basic framework for your business plan with the free business plan tool from This is suitable for support programs of the Agentur für Arbeit (such as the start-up grant) or smaller funding and grants.

Business-Concept also offers a business plan tool. It is mainly aimed at new company founders who wish to start from ALGI or an employment relationship. After completing the online questionnaire, the employees of Business-Conzept create their individual business plans free of charge with an overview of profitability. You will receive the plan by email after about two days.

Lexware, the Freiburg-based software company, offers an interactive online tool on its portal to create your business plan and an exact financing plan. Help texts guide you step by step through the application. You can download the finished business plan as a PDF or send it to your tax advisor for verification. The business plan can also be modified and developed after creation.

In addition to the offers mentioned above, you will find many other service providers on the Internet who will draw up your business plan for you against payment. This service includes a personal information session.

Good luck with writing your business plan!

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