Do you need help in your business? Do you feel that everything changes too fast and your store needs to catch up in advances and technology? Do not hesitate to ask for help, especially if what you are looking for is the digitization of your business or store.

Is the digitization of commerce really necessary? And the answer is clear: “Yes.” We live in the era of digitization, when technology, the Internet, and commerce have already become an essential triad.

Because digital transformation is something unstoppable and that can benefit your business in every way, both in terms of purchases and visibility as well as in management and administration, Orange presents a new service designed to help digitize all businesses; Regardless of its size, it has different solutions according to the needs and characteristics of your brand.

We are talking about the Orange Business Management service, which is presented in two packages of digital solutions and technological gadgets for your trade or business.

Get the Digital Kit grant.

The Digital Economy and Society Index ranks 16th place concerning the level of technology integration in our companies, below the average of the 27 countries that make up the European Union, SMEs have gone through the digitization process.

We have a business market in which 99% of the companies are SMEs, which generate 65% of the jobs, but because they need to be digitized, they lose opportunities not only in the future but already in the present.

The digitization of commerce is an urgent need that is now easier to meet thanks to the subsidies you can get with the Digital Kit. With more than 3,000 million euros and financed through European Next Generation funds, more than 1.3 million companies will be able to go digital.

As a digitization agent, Orange offers Business Management services to advise companies in their digitization process, help them as an intermediary in applying for aid, and a series of packs and additional services.

Orange Digital Empresas includes services for all categories of eligible products in the Digital Kit.

The Orange Business Management service is a POS software that facilitates and digitizes the management of all the operations you carry out in your business. Any business can benefit from these services, regardless of their size, as there are different packages with offers appropriate to the number of employees in each business.

To adapt as much as possible to the needs of each business and achieve a tailor-made plan, Orange offers two different packs depending on the size of the business or, rather, the number of employees. On the one hand, the Essentials option is intended for businesses that seek help in digitalization and have a maximum of two employees on their payroll, and on the other, the Advanced, designed for cases in which there is a minimum of three and one maximum of nine workers.

Regardless of the option that fits your retail business, you can choose between contracting only software services or expanding your digitization with hardware and technological gadgets.

Benefits for your store

These services offer, among other advantages:

Business control and automation.

  • Thanks to the subsidy, you can have devices (POS, ticket printers) for free. Its start-up will be done very easily by phone.
  • It unifies a single program’s sales, purchasing, and stock control systems.
  • Save time because it is easy to understand and easy to use.
  • The fast learning curve that current or future employees may be aware of.
  • You will have profit and loss information in real time. Results for decision-making, as an example, knowing more or less profitable products, how much I have bought from each product, and the historical cost of the product throughout the year.
  • You will improve your inventory supply based on the minimums and maximums set.
  • You will be able to know the real cost of your sales products based on the purchases you are making.

Cost savings to manage your accounting

  • Instant access to your invoices.
  • You can work from home for all the management.
  • You will be able to create your customer portfolio with first and last names, and you will also be able to do marketing campaigns with them later.
  • Scalable Software. If you grow in needs and business, we adapt.
  • Upgradable. It is software in continuous technological evolution according to the market’s demands.
  • Very consolidated solution with more than 34,000 establishments nationwide.


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