People are social beings, not only in our private sphere but also in the professional one. Having a coffee, enjoying a meal or organizing an after-work with co-workers is a small pleasure that makes the working day more enjoyable for a large part of the employees. And not only that, social activities help strengthen ties between team members, generating a positive impact on their results.

What happens to this social life when the office is our own home? Logically, cultivating relationships with our colleagues is complicated, but it is not impossible, even more necessary. Below, we give you some ideas so that you can continue enjoying leisure time with your team, overcoming the barrier of distance.

Virtual Tapas: Turn your Living Room into a Social Meeting Place

Suppose there is an after-work plan that triumphs in Spain, tapas. But how to make it work in the distance? First of all, make sure that the environment is suitable: change your usual workspace for a more informal one, such as the living room or the kitchen. You can also take the opportunity to choose a more relaxed look or establish a theme for the meeting. Who wouldn’t want to wear an Ibizan outfit and go to a beach, at least with their imagination?

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Another of the keys to setting the mood for the meeting is music. To generate expectations, you can create a joint playlist on Spotify, in which each of the participants adds their favourite songs during the days before the appointment.

Stronger Bodies and Teams Thanks to Physical Activity

Another of the star plans for teleworking situations is sports, precisely because our physical activity drops significantly when the working day takes place at home.

On the other hand, it is an exciting activity from the company’s point of view if we take into account that sport promotes excellent values ​​for professional life, such as discipline, effort or spirit of improvement and helps reduce stress. So why not take advantage of this moment to socialize and strengthen the team?

From offering free sessions with monitors by the company to following routines already available online collectively, the options vary. For this reason, a good idea to know the employees’ preferences may be that the interested persons fill out a form in advance indicating their favourite sports or activities.

Games and Contests: May the Best Win

Many companies that offer team building activities have moved online with the rise of telecommuting, organizing group games: from virtual escape rooms to mystery games like Cluedo. There are also free options, standard online quizzes or tools that allow you to customize these questionnaires with questions focused on your own company.

Do you prefer to awaken the competitive spirit of your team? Contests are always a fun option and can have the incentive of an attractive prize for the winner. Cooking competitions in which participants can share their culinary skills or dance or karaoke contests can help us connect more personally and go beyond the barrier of the screen.

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