The selfie (or ” selfie ” according to the RAE but that nobody uses), beyond the recognized use of this type of photography on social networks, makes an appearance in other environments of our lives, some quite significant.

Here we leave you six examples of uses of the selfie that you may not have considered:

1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

How times change… From landline calls, we moved on to mobile calls. Then SMS arrived, and years later, WhatsApp-type applications. Text, text and more text, and suddenly, a selfie of us with the Eiffel Tower behind us in response to a question: Where are you?

Speed, accuracy, memory and “economy of effort” are proposals for this new way of communicating.

2. Selfies, Benches and chocolate Pancakes

This is the case of two friends of ours who each opened a bank account differently the other day. One did it the traditional way: folder in hand, from home to the bank and patience with the endless queue to be served. Let’s add to this the humour with which the cashier on duty got up…

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The other, more sophisticated, resorted to technology: mobile in hand, from bed to kitchen (chocolate pancakes for breakfast), some screen slides and to finish… Click! A selfie and the account is ready, with a chocolate flavour. The convenience that our multimedia friend offers us is priceless.

And beware that right now, it will serve to identify you in public services.

3. Mother, There is Only One

Speaking of friends, we have one who used his travel selfies to let his mom know he was okay. Moreover, he created an automatism so that they would reach him directly through the mail (although some of them should not have arrived)

How many mothers will not look at the profiles of their sons or daughters to know about them through their selfies? The only drawback is that they cannot launch the famous phrase “Are you eating well?”

4. Photo Albums have Changed.

In the past, when we went on a trip or to some exciting place, we would take out our cameras to have a memory of the site. However, there are now photos of almost anywhere on the Internet, so people prefer to take a selfie (alone or in a group) to be part of that memory.

What is the point of taking a picture of a landscape when you find it much better done on the Internet and even without people? We are the protagonists of our lives, and the selfie makes it clear.

5. Impossible Selfies

The popularity that selfies bring us is sometimes not within everyone’s reach. This obsessive search for greater recognition on social networks leads us to the hunt for the impossible selfie: Images of people sitting on the antenna of a skyscraper, with half their bodies outside the window of a plane in mid-flight ( fake, of course). Or diving next to a shark is becoming more and more common.

Bravery or recklessness at the service of extravagance? Where is the limit?

Individual freedom is priceless…or is it?

6. A Selfie can Save your Life.

Popularity, narcissism, recklessness… Yes, but selfies can also save lives, as happened to this woman from Wexford, this woman from Michigan or this girl from Massachusetts; it can even save you from a life sentence as a Texas man got away with.

Not only are they accurate tests for certain circumstances, but artificial intelligence-based systems are also beginning to be created that will help us measure blood pressure detect coronary heart disease, anaemia, and even kidney problems, as this app from the University of Washington.

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