In this article, we will briefly go into SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) positioning, its difference from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the different types of campaigns we can run through Google ADS.

What is SEM positioning?

SEM positioning consists of positioning a web page of products and/or services through paid advertisements.

The main advantage of carrying out an advertising campaign through ADS is that we obtain short-term results. From the moment we decide to invest in SEM, it is easy to position a business on the first page of Google.

It consists of placing bids, using CPC (cost per click), and competing for a keyword with our main competitors.

Advertising campaigns through Google ADS are characterized by the payment of clicks; we only pay for our ads when users click on them, so their impressions are not paid, serving, in this case, as advertising and brand for the company.

Differences between SEO and SEM

The main difference between SEO and SEM basically lies in the cost. It tends to say that SEO positioning is free, unlike paying for SEM-sponsored ads.

We have to clarify that SEO positioning also has a cost: working SEO correctly requires the professional work of a digital marketing agency or having an expert on the company’s staff.

SEO consists of positioning a web page through the content and keywords related to the business activity. It works at the on-page and off-page levels.

It should be noted that the SEO results are in the medium or long term, unlike SEM.

What is Google Ads?

Google ADS is a truly powerful digital advertising tool from Google that helps companies increase their online sales and capture potential customers.

Types of campaigns in Google ADS

There are different types of campaigns to carry out in ADS :

1. Search campaigns

They are the most common, with text ads where advertisers only pay when users click on the ad, regardless of the impressions achieved.

2. Display campaigns

The Google network comprises millions of partner web pages through which we can serve our ads. They are used to promote a business. The ads can be images, videos, or texts, allowing us to reach more users through the two networks.

3. Video campaigns

They are oriented toward brand awareness. You will be able to generate more sales opportunities and traffic to the website, mainly on YouTube.

4. Shopping campaigns

Ideal for ecommerce, visual ads based on a price comparison are set up through Google Merchant Center.

5. Application campaigns

This is the perfect formula to encourage downloads of an application, software, etc.

Google ADS allows you to achieve very good results relatively quickly at a reasonable cost.


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