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The hot topic has been Artificial Intelligence and its work in generating content and analyzing massive amounts of data; the space occupied by web positioning is still very powerful.

In this sense, the key is not to know this discipline but to go to sources that truly allow for deep and useful learning. To simplify this task, we want to show you some resources to greatly help you improve and learn SEO. They range from guides to training programs through practical experience.

Google’s guides for beginners

The first content that may be relevant to gain SEO skills is to go to Google itself. There are few more direct resources to understanding Google and how its algorithms work than going directly to its website, specifically its search centre.

There, we can find a complete guide for beginners. In it, they show step by step how a site should be created in the search engine, starting with indexing, which implies that the website will be recognized by Google, to optimization and ranking tips.

This complete guide serves as material to constantly consult. You do not have to create a website from the beginning that is as rich as they propose in the search centre. The idea is to incorporate many of these points so that it finally gains visibility.

Guides like Ahrefs

A second tool to learn a lot about positioning is Ahrefs. This SEO tool is preferred by many marketing professionals. In it, they find resources to identify opportunities and obtain data on keywords, link analysis and information about other competitors.

It is currently one of the industry’s most popular and used SEO tools. Among its many functions or help scenarios, it also has a guide similar to the one Google offers. Still, it is much more attractive to consult.

Ahrefs offers seven chapters in this tutorial where they begin by explaining what SEO is. Followed by the basic concepts of positioning to continue with content marketing, keyword research, information on link generation and a specific section to understand part of the Google algorithm.

So far, we have explained two self-taught tools. Just go to the completely free guides and start putting into practice what is described in them.

However, this is often time-consuming and only offers immediate results. Sometimes, it can be very complex, even when they claim to be content intended for Google beginners. 

Ultimately, everyone wanting to learn about a topic needs someone to guide them.

And that is just what the Webpositer Academy master’s degree proposes. Its program specializes in learning SEO and is currently the most advanced and economical. In it, with 250 hours of classes spread over six intensive months, anyone who wants to understand the secrets of web positioning will acquire productive teaching in web architecture, SEO strategies, keyword research, technical SEO or data analysis.

SEO course proposes to go beyond simple theoretical content since this learning of the Internet, networks, search engines and browsers is continuously evolving. Generative AI is a clear example of how everything changes at times.

Although the bases of Google remain the same, positioning is increasingly a more qualified job. A space in which you have to put your all into it and always maintain a proactive learning attitude.


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