When we talked about innovation years ago, we were referring to this. We have been stagnant for years in a telephone industry that has not brought incredible novelties to the design of its phones until Samsung, two years ago, surprised with the first Galaxy Fold.

It is revolutionary to have something in your hand that can be a smartphone and a tablet simultaneously, but these first generations suffered from some problems. 

This is normal when taking the first steps in the market, and it is the price to pay for being the first.

Instead of being negative, this has served the brand to get to where we are today, at the forefront of the new disruptive technology that has reached the market, not only to stay but to sit down and propose a future of the most interesting.

The Most Innovative Present

Disruptive technology is a technological innovation that makes the ones used up to that moment obsolete. This applies perfectly to foldable, making “classic” smartphones look like something stuck in the past.

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Renew or die is the mantra that the leading mobile manufacturers must follow, today very different from those that dominated the market just three years ago.

For this reason, Samsung has declared, actively and passively, that “the future is foldable,” and the firm has chosen not to launch a new version of its popular large-screen device, Galaxy Note, this year, instead of announcing the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 flexible screen.

This does not mean that the manufacturer will give up classic mobiles, but it is going to improve its folding mobiles and lower their prices to reach a more general public.

The new folding ones arrive with a better design, more resistant, with IPX8 certification against water and splashes, the highest power on the market, and an ultra-fast charging battery

The company is aware that the mobile phone boom with a flexible screen has only just begun and is already working on new and revolutionary models.

At its DisplayWeek show a few weeks ago, Samsung revealed multiple foldable display prototypes that could find their way into future products, and they are pretty impressive.

The first concept features a foldable design known as an S-folding OLED panel. This display can be used as part of a fold-out device and can fold twice for added versatility. 

When the screen is fully stretched, it reaches a size of 7.2 inches. It would be similar to the currently available Z Fold3 but with an additional fold point.

We’ve also seen a roll-up panel that can stretch out can be stretched out without folding. This could help eliminate one of the most significant problems users face with foldable phones: brittleness at the fold point.

In short, all these devices enhance the idea with which folding mobiles were born, that of having in your hand a device that is a tablet and mobile at the same time, occupying as little space as possible.

In a couple of years, we will all be able to talk on the phone and chat easily in the palm of our hand and unfold the smartphone to enjoy our multimedia content, work with several apps at the same time on the screen, and, in short, enjoy a future that Samsung is already taking care of bringing us closer.

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