There are a lot of talks these days about whether Black Friday is a lie or not. We do not know the answer, but it is clear that as a marketing strategy, it is infallible. 

We have “invented” a day to make great discounts at a very interesting time of the year (we bring forward Christmas purchases) so that consumers can make their purchases. And we have managed to make it one of the days with the most sales and purchases of the year.

However, we cannot get carried away by the urgency and the posters with discounts; today, in our blog, we will offer you some recommendations before buying on Black Friday.

Shall We Start?

Eight Recommendations Before Buying on Black Friday

Make a wish list

This way, you will avoid falling into temptations and spending more than expected. In addition, you can write down the characteristics of the products you want and adjust them to your needs so that you will save. Of course, try to stick to the list.

Set a Budget

Which you should also stick to. Try to know what money you want to spend on this discount campaign and that it suits your wish list. This way, you will avoid whims and last-minute expenses.


Both the prices and the characteristics of the products. We understand that it is somewhat difficult to enter several websites consulting the cost of the product you want. You can use the price advisor of the OCU (Office of the Consumer). 

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See if the prices change a lot these days and compare the cost of the same product in different stores. Remember that next to the discounted price, you always have to include either the original price or the discount percentage (or both).

Find Out About the Payment, Exchange, and Return Policy

Perhaps you have decided to buy your mobile phone, for example, on a certain website at an incredible price. Take into account the forms of payment and the changes and returns because these dates can reduce the return time, not allow certain forms of payment, etc.

Take Into Account the Guarantee

A discounted product does not mean that the conditions in which it is purchased should be different. Black Friday is all about: buying cheaper without losing guarantees. However, in some cases, stores usually apply special conditions to their guarantees when dealing with promotions, so keep that in mind.

Pay With a Secondary Card

A good option to avoid scams is to use a prepaid card or a secondary debit card with a low balance in the associated account. In case of fraud, only a part of our money will be accessible. With this type of card, you can set spending limits or cancel them in case of suspicion.

Buy on Secure Websites

We will not tire of repeating it. You have to check that the website complies with the SSL protocol. Look if the website URL starts with HTTPS and has a closed padlock on the left side. This tells us that our data is protected. If there is a foreign phone number and an email address that is difficult to understand, it may not be reliable.

Get Ahead of the Offers with the ‘Newsletter’

Well yes. Before launching yourself into the compulsive purchase, check your email. Surely you have signed up (intentionally or unintentionally) for the newsletter services of your favorite stores, and they are the ones that are going to inform you of the discounts they offer on Black Friday. 

This option is interesting because many businesses advance their offers to their most loyal users, even before appearing on their website.

Black Friday is approaching, and it is best to be prepared. And after the pandemic, the data seems to tell us that this campaign will be a success.

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