Promotion is an essential element in your business strategy, and the other three Ps, product/price/distribution (place), make up the marketing mix.

When we start a venture or want to scale our business,  we should not skimp on resources for communication and advertising.  

A large company can afford to have an entire marketing department at its service. However, not all of us are in that position. 

Therefore, when we talk about resources, we are referring to financial ones and time and effort: we must be in top shape to design a complete strategy that is also original and effective.

What is Promotion?

To make your business more visible, and as a direct consequence, increase sales. In this preliminary analysis phase, it is also interesting to have an analysis of the competition. 

You can do it professionally, with external support, or more intuitively, simply by observing what they do: their profiles on networks, their communication, their promotions, the public they target. Check what you think they are doing well that you can do it too and the things they are not doing so well that they are an opportunity for you.

  • Action and effect of promoting.
  • Set of individuals who at the same time have obtained a degree or employment, mainly in closed-scale bodies.
  • We are raising or improving living conditions, productivity, intellectuals, etc.
  • Set of activities whose objective is to publicize something or increase sales.

Types of Promotions to Implement in your Business in 2022

It is not advisable to neglect the promotion strategies of your business, so once you have decided what type of actions you want to launch, do not delay it any longer. 

The competition is getting fiercer, and there is no time to lose. Combine each action with a creative touch and take good care of the image in everything you do. At this point, our advice is “less is more,” and it is not advisable to fall into visual excesses.

Traditional Advertising

As much as times advance, some sales strategies remain over time. Would not understand proximity commerce without advertising actions aimed at the local public, close to the location of the business. 

Distributing flyers or brochures with information about your company, its services, and promotions is always an excellent idea.

Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are a classic that never goes out of style, both for their low cost and effectiveness. 

You can give seasonal items, some that have to do with your business,  office classics, or infallible utility items, such as bags or backpacks. Make sure your logo is well visible, and accompany it with an original phrase in tune with the campaign.

Social Networks

The virtual showcase of your business is as important as the physical showcase and should not be neglected. 

Frequently publish all the news about your company, new products, or outstanding offers on social networks. 

Maintain a good online relationship with customers, attend to their concerns and suggestions, always maintain a formal and impeccable language. Strengthening your online presence with a community of followers will be useful for your business.

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