YouTubers have been becoming increasingly popular, which refers to those dedicated to making videos and then uploading them to the popular platform. 

If we are thinking of recording our videos to publish them on YouTube, there are essential tools that we must use for it. One of them is a good editor, which allows us to make adjustments to our videos and with which, in addition, we can directly upload our creations to the platform.

Professional video editing software must cover more and more functions to meet various needs, whether it is 4K resolution, depth impression for 3D movies, or 360° recordings for VR (virtual reality) videos. Since the corresponding hardware is increasingly in private hands, hobbyists also need video editing programs to edit such video material easily.

The good news is that even affordable video editing software offers many of the same features used in professional movie editing. We are introducing the best video editing software of 2022 for post-production professionals, aspiring YouTube stars, and amateur filmmakers.

YouTube has its Video Editing Tool

YouTube has its video editing tool, YouTube Studio, formerly known as Creator Studio. We can edit the videos that we upload directly to the platform before proceeding to their publication. 

It is far from being professional software since its mission is to carry out some basic tasks. It has a first-line with an image, another for sound, a final screen, as well as a blur tool.

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With it, we can make cuts of our clips, insert music and sound, and blur faces or custom blurs. If we do not want to complicate our lives too much, it can be helpful too. 

But, if we’re going to obtain the best results, it will always be more advisable to opt for external editing programs. In many of these cases, they offer us the possibility of uploading the final result to the platform once it has been edited quickly and directly.

The Best Video Editing Softwares in 2022

It is possibly one of the most popular video editors. We can record everything that happens on our computer screen, edit the video, and later upload it to YouTube or other social networks from the same program. 

Although it is an ideal program for all kinds of recordings, its speciality is the creation of video tutorials, recording work meetings, etc.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The professional video editing program Adobe Premiere Pro CC fulfils almost all the requirements of modern non-linear video editing. 

You can only use adobe premiere Pro with a subscription fee, which implies a regular expense for professionals or semi-professionals may be worth it. Depending on the price, other suite applications can also use other creative suite applications for image editing, sound, and video. 

Within Adobe’s Creative Cloud, users can also access the After Effects application as long as they have also subscribed to it, presenting itself as a powerful post-production tool to add animations and special effects to videos.

2. Wondershare Filmora

We are now talking about Wonderware Filmora, specially designed to offer home users a simple program to edit videos without much knowledge before uploading them to YouTube. 

With it, we will have a series of editing tools such as the possibility of rotating, cutting, dividing, merging any video clip in a few steps.

This application will also allow us to add texts to our videos, apply all kinds of filters, effects and transitions, and access to its extensive and complete music library. 

Also, it has exciting and useful features such as Chroma Key, which will allow us to change the background and apply special effects.

3. Apple Final Cut Pro 10

Final Cut Pro is right up there with Adobe Premiere Pro for professional video editing. However, unlike its competitors from Adobe, this video editor works exclusively on macOS. 

This can cause compatibility issues if you want to render a video in a native Mac format and play it on Windows computers. Nevertheless, Final Cut convinces efficient operation (even with storage-intensive media) and allows complex projects to be organized in the library using tags and a classification system. 

The program is complete with professional audio editing features and a wide selection of visual effects.

4. Pinnacle Studio

It is a professional program with which we can produce and edit clips, allowing us to upload them directly to YouTube and other platforms such as Facebook and Vimeo once finished. 

It has all kinds of tools to capture, edit and export videos, supporting HD and 3D content. With it, we will make assemblies adding all sorts of transitions and preview the results before uploading them.

5. Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 17

Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve Studio is a truly professional tool that Hollywood directors also work with. 

Davinci Resolve brings cutting, sound editing, effects, and colour correction together in one application. The functions are pretty sophisticated, so they require some prior knowledge. 

DaVinci Resolve 17 version is available for free, and all you have to do is register before downloading it. DaVinci Resolve Studio 17 is open for around 300 euros. 

It offers all the features of the free version plus the features of its Neural Engine, multi-user collaboration, stereoscopic 3D tools, multiple pluginsResolveFX and FairlightFX, HDR grading, effects for film grain, blur, fog, etc. Blackmagic also offers software-compatible hardware for experts. 

6. Magix VEGAS Pro

Formerly known as Sony Vegas, it is a non-linear video and audio editing software aimed at both professionals and home users. We can manage a wide variety of video and audio sources with it. 

It works with applications and streaming services such as YouTube, Slack or Twitch, allowing us to edit the recordings before uploading and sharing them. It can import media from different devices and use more than 300 additional filters.

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