Are you a content creator or a professional brand and still need to figure out where to schedule stories on Instagram?

Before, it was common to know different platforms to manage and program your content according to the formats that each one requires. 

But until very recently, stories still needed to be programmed. For this reason, in this new marketing house article, we bring you good news because now there are tools that can help us with this task!

Thanks to the high impact and interaction that this format has generated on the Instagram platform, professionals who love social networks have been concerned about the process and how to see how we could better plan the content, thus raising the need to invest in tools that facilitate everyone’s work. This way, we won’t have to do it manually anymore!

Tools to schedule stories on Instagram – Premium Tools

Only put

As we emphasized, it is a paid platform, but you can get a 7-day free trial of the tool. It is an application that offers you the service of managing and scheduling your social networks

Furthermore, its interface is straightforward and complete, allowing you to manage networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

What are some of its features?

  • Publish and schedule content.
  • Edit published content.
  • Reply to comments and repost other posts.
  • Monitor hashtags.
  • Statistics display.


It is the desktop software for story creation, publishing, and scheduling. The particularity of this application concerning the rest is that it is focused solely on this social network, specifically the stories.

It is an indispensable tool in digital marketing, and we recommend it to everyone.

To use Storrito, you must consider that you must have already created the creations and must have already made the creations. You upload it directly to this platform, and from there, you can finish editing it by adding stickers, texts, mentions, locations, links, and questions…

Also, if your creativity or time fails, Storrito provides you with pre-designed templates for images and videos.

When selecting a plan, you must abide by the number of Instagram stories you think you will publish per month for your different clients since all the programs provide you with the same thing and the only thing that changes is the cost for the number of publications.

Tools to schedule stories on Instagram – Free Tools

MetaBusiness Suite

Do you have a business account on Instagram? Through this native Meta tool, you can also schedule Instagram stories.

It is a handy and accessible tool where you can save time and obtain the best commercial results since it concentrates Facebook and Instagram on the same platform and provides numerous functionalities.

How to schedule stories?

  • Go to your page and choose Meta Business Suite and select Publishing Tools.
  • Later, press the Create story button in the menu on the right side of the screen.
  • Then, select the account you want to share the content with and add an image or video.
  • Start working on editing the story. The options are limited compared to other tools.
  • Finally, press the “share story” button when you have finished this step, and the programming options will appear. Select the date and time, and voila!
  • Advantages of programming Instagram stories
  • Possibility to optimize your time

Instead of having to create and publish stories manually, we save a lot of time during the workday because, thanks to this opportunity that these tools give us, we can organize ourselves much better for the creation of content and not worry about publishing about the march and several times a day.

Share stories from your computer

How many times have you had to share all the creatives you had to post on Instagram stories on your mobile? And imagine if you are in charge of managing several clients!

Well, with these tools, this step disappears, and hey, goodbye and don’t come back!

It is much more comfortable and efficient to select them directly from the computer where you already have them and publish or schedule them.

Use of templates

Many of these tools allow you to download the templates they have. And they come in very handy when you need more creativity or want to save more in your account management time. 

The same goes for the Adobe Photoshop tool; most of us use it for our designs, and sharing them with your phone is also a very tedious process. Working directly from your computer makes it even easier to work with templates.

Avoid Typos

Typing with your thumbs is not the most efficient and fastest way to work. From the computer, we can carefully review the spelling and grammar mistakes and plan the texts more carefully.

What do you think of these tools? Do you dare to use some of them?

They are super simple and intuitive; once you use them, you will see the world differently, and they become your favourite content management tools.


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