All companies, regardless of their activity or size, generate and store data and information that must be protected. This is what companies’ computer security pursues, shielding their systems and networks against possible threats that always keep the risk of attack or infection latent. 

Having efficient solutions in terms of technological security that include, among others, antivirus, firewall elements, or antispyware and malware programs can make the difference between staying competitive on the road to success or disappearing among a sea of ​​competitors.

How do these different computer security options work?

We insist no company is free from the threats and dangers that live on the Internet. For this reason, it is necessary to implement security solutions for companies that secure the walls of our technological infrastructure so that our systems are safe.

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But what differentiates the different types of devices among so many computer security tools and programs? What is antivirus firewall antispyware and antimalware? Which one does your business need?

Let’s start by learning about some of the computer security tools and differentiating them:

1. The firewall (or firewall) is a technological security solution blocking unauthorized access to our network.

2. The antivirus is the software in charge of detecting and eliminating computer viruses that can endanger equipment operation.

3. Antispyware is a set of tools designed to eliminate spyware that collects information from computers to communicate it to others without permission.

4. Antimalware is the program in charge of analyzing the operating system to find and eliminate malicious software already acting on our machine.

Regarding which of them to implement, we always recommend carrying out a prior technological audit that provides us with a precise diagnosis of the specific needs of each case and, from there, designing, building and implementing a technical security solution specially designed for the particular characteristics of your business.

The importance of business IT security

The existence of hackers or computer hackers is a reality that companies cannot ignore. The breach of a company’s data occurs, in the vast majority of cases, by computer spies hired by competing companies. 

This is a significant security problem since the work of many years can be ruined in just a few moments, and not only the achievement of objectives is put at risk, but even the continuity of the business.

The ability to fight against this type of threat allows companies to be much less vulnerable since:

– Data and information are protected.

– Configurations are less at risk.

– Spam is reduced.

– Identity theft is avoided.

– The user experience is greatly improved.

For all these reasons, antivirus, antispyware and antimalware firewalls are necessary to protect the company.

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