Among the future technological professions that will significantly impact organizations, profiles such as data analyst, security expert, or software developer stand out, among others that we present below. 

The technology sector stands out for having one of the highest employability rates. The digital transformation and the unstoppable revolution of artificial intelligence mean that more and more organizations need technological profiles that know how to face business challenges in the era of connectivity and innovation. 

It is estimated that there are approximately 120,400 vacancies in the IT sector nationwide. Discover the technological professions of the Future that will be most in demand, with more excellent job prospects and better salaries. 

The 10 technological professions of the Future

The constant evolution of technology has made IT profiles essential in any sector and field of work. Today it is almost unthinkable that a business is not at least linked to a website or social network. 

However, the potential of the technology goes much further. Hence, profiles such as data analyst, software developer, cybersecurity, or artificial intelligence expert occupy the demand for digital jobs that companies must cover. 

Next, we present to you the 10 technological professions already in high demand today. Knowing the new trends is decisive to surround yourself with talent that will be incredibly potent in the coming years. 

1. Cybersecurity expert

Technological innovation advances by leaps and bounds and without control, which impacts the protection of data and the security of companies. In this sense, cybersecurity professionals protect organizations’ network systems, data, and information transmissions. To qualify for this position, it is essential to have a technical or higher degree in computer science or a degree in computer science/telecommunications. Specific training in computer security is also included. 

Digital tools offer endless possibilities, including potentially harmful uses on the Internet. Computer protection measures have become practically essential, opening a gateway to the labor market for cybersecurity experts. 

2. Organ Designer

Entering the health sector, an advance is being developed that seems like science fiction but is already a reality: organ design. This fusion of medicine and technology creates a field for new professionals. The work of the organ designer is based on training in the field of biomedicine and biology. 

Organ designers focus on creating biological structures such as cartilage, bone, and various organs layered with 3D printing for medical experimentation and transplantation.

In addition, organ design is closely related to another of the most in-demand technological professions: 3D printing technician. This technology can be used for bioprinting, directly linked to organ design. Still, it also applies to other subjects, such as engineering, making it especially valuable.

3. Prompt Engineer or artificial intelligence engineer 

Managing the AI ​​of the Future is another technical profession that expects remarkable growth. A pioneering example is Riley Woodside, an engineer from the Scale AI company who has been considered a “suggestion engineer” (Prompt Engineer). His commitment to him? Create and improve the texts users write to the IAS to optimize the results. In other words, his work is based on favoring AI services to provide more accurate and reliable responses. 

Being a prompt engineer is one of the tech professions of the Future. Still, it’s already wreaking havoc in the present. And it is that, as a result of the artificial intelligence revolution, Prompt Engineers profiles are already being hired to guide the AI ​​and that it responds with what is necessary. 

The work of request engineers combines engineering, computer science, and language to develop processes that allow machines to understand human requests. This will be key in improving the user experience and business decision-making. 

To develop as a Prompt Engineer, it is essential to have knowledge of linguistics and grammar, as well as computer science, programming, and artificial intelligence. Likewise, creativity and communication skills are also crucial to performing in this job. 

4. Lawyer for robotics

Artificial intelligence will imply the need for new profiles, such as that of the robotics lawyer. The progress is such that creating a legislative framework that considers artificial intelligence and each of its innovations will be essential. 

It will be necessary to have digital humanists and ethicists, both for its creation and management, adjust the uses of artificial intelligence within the law. 

5. Big Data Analyst or Data Analyst

Data is another element whose presence has grown exponentially with the evolution of communication technologies. Big Data is critical in the storage and transmission of data within businesses. Data analysts have university education in mathematics, analytics, engineering, or programming. 

At present and in the Future, companies need to have professionals in data analysis to anticipate trends and help companies make decisions based on the information collected. The demand for Big Data specialists is 29%, according to the European Top Tech Talent Ranking 2022.  

The Big Data Analyst has added the work of Growth Hacking, which takes advantage of the data related to the brand’s and the consumer’s objectives, the conversion funnels, and the contact channels to turn them into growth opportunities for businesses, especially startups. 

6. Online postmortem administrator

In this case, we are talking about the specialist in managing the online legacy of a deceased person. In other words, the professional who manages all the data (profiles, accounts, chat history…) that a person has stored on the Internet and social networks since he died. 

These online postmortem data management specialists are trained in digital heritage security and management. And at this point, life on the Internet and social networks is almost as abundant as that lived outside the network. Given these circumstances, within the legal field, one of the technological professions points to the management of the right to honor postmortem in online contexts.  

7. Network Engineer

Network engineers will be technological professionals with multiple job opportunities in the Future. Due to their capacities in designing, developing, and maintaining telecommunications systems, they are profiles that all companies and projects are already demanding.

Being a network engineer implies receiving specialized training in programming and data traffic. Mainly, higher degrees in technical engineering or computer science are required.

8. Software developer

Another of the technological professions that will be most in demand in the Future is that of software developers, be it back-end or front-end. 

In this area, there are differences between several types of software developers:

Back-end developer: focuses on building a website, giving it structure, design, content, and certain functionalities.

Front-end developer: focuses on the performance, security, and speed of the web or app created.

The software developer profile is currently one of the most required in all companies looking for specialists in programming, web construction, and application creation, including their maintenance and implementation.

9. Digital project manager

Managing digital projects, from the strategy and business idea to its startup and growth, are priorities for companies in an increasingly technological scenario. For this job, professionals trained in marketing and programming will have everything to gain in the hiring process. 

Considering the evolution of technology and the growing expansion of digitization, digital managers will continue to be among the most in-demand technological professions in the Future. 

10. Environmental Engineer

Finally, among the technological professions of the Future, positions aimed at promoting sustainability and environmental protection must be present. Among these, the profile of an environmental engineer, trained in implementing quality standards and responsible for developing clean production technologies, among other actions, will stand out significantly.

Regarding sustainability, there are also other profiles whose recruitment will increase. According to data from the report Employment in Sustainability and the Environment by Infoempleo and UNIR, profiles such as the analyst of sustainable technological projects, the sustainable logistics consultant, or the expert in renewable energies are among the professions with the most excellent job opportunities in the next 10 years.

Artificial intelligence and Big Data are among the technological professions of the Future.

The changes and needs that technological evolution brings with it are much broader than might be expected at first sight, and, therefore, so are the job opportunities that are generated.

Artificial intelligence is opening the way to new technological professions, such as the Prompt Engineer, that will be decisive in the Future. The need to manage and optimize the interaction between machines and humans will make it increasingly essential to hire profiles in Machine Learning. That is, professionals who know how to use technology to drive machine learning.

On an ethical and social level, artificial intelligence will also bring new job opportunities related to AI management and human relations. Hence, figures such as lawyers specialized in robotic activities are emerging, among other profiles around humanism, ethics, and digitization.  

On the other hand, Big Data profiles will continue to be demanded, such as the data analyst or the Growth Hacker. And over these works, the functions of cybersecurity specialists and protecting privacy on the Internet will be a priority.

On the other hand, by work sectors and specific needs, there are other profiles whose demand will increase. We have seen some examples in the organ designer, the administrator of postmortem digital legacies, or the environmental engineer, among others. 

Given this scenario, knowing what the professionals of the Future will be like, where the labor market is headed, and acquiring essential knowledge and skills is now more necessary than ever. At the same time, the willingness to work in these areas will be a rare value for which many companies will be willing to compete.


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