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Do you know what link building is and how it can help your business? This technique will allow you to improve the visibility and traffic of your website. Although you have to know how to do it! More and more value is given to the ethical component in SEO strategies.

Continue reading and learn how to optimize your web positioning, but above all, to have people speak well of you and what matters most to you, to increase sales or leads because the more quality traffic, the greater this will be.

What is Ethical Link Building?

Link building is an SEO strategy that combines various techniques focused on acquiring quality incoming links (backlinks). To be clear, what is intended is to get other sites to link to your website.

Search engines, like Google, understand this as a “recommendation” of your page. Which results in a better digital reputation.

According to Google sources, link building is one of the first positioning factors in its algorithm.

Now, only some things go into link building. While some want to obtain as many incoming links as possible – no matter what -, what they want is to carry out ethical link building :

Provide value to web users

  • Follow the rules indicated by search engines like Google.
  • Naturally, get as many links as possible.
  • Achieve inbound links from quality sites.
  • DO NOT deceive your clients (the concept of ethics is not only for Google)
  • This strategy is the most advisable to build an effective network of links without any penalty. 

Advantages of Ethical Link Building

Link building aims to improve the benefits of your website, traffic and branding. Giving it absolute and semantic authority to optimize its positioning in search engines.

Positioning your brand naturally

If a quality site refers you, Google will understand that your website is excellent and worth it. The objective is that the backlinks you produce, in alliance with the best web pages, are directed towards the content you want to position. So that they reach the users.

Search Engine Ranking

Therefore, link building also helps you increase your position in search engines organically, quickly and efficiently.

Organic traffic

And what does it mean when your website appears among the first results on Google? You will attract more people, and your organic traffic will grow. Does it mean you will sell more? Not unequivocally, but it will increase the possibility of users finding you interested in your products, services or content.

Ethical link-building strategies to improve your SEO

Make the best content

The most important thing is to generate quality content. To create reference material, you must:

Investigate in-depth (expert analysis, studies, etc.).

Stay up to date with news and trends

Support your content with truthful and authoritative sources.

This way, you will stand out from the competition and get other sites to link to you. Now, what quality content can you create? I give you several ideas!: infographics (they allow data to be displayed in an attractive, digestible and straightforward way), podcasts (they have gained great relevance in recent years), guides, manuals and tutorials (to resolve users’ doubts), etc.

SEO, increasingly, is related to communication just as communication is more related to SEO.

You can use free tools to get experts seeking visibility to participate in your content for their knowledge and experience. It is a WIN-WIN!. In addition, of all the SEO benefits of citing credible sources with authority in your sector, your articles will be more attractive to your readers.

The secret lies in exploiting your creativity.

Promote your content

Since you have prepared such great content, it would be a shame if no one saw it. Promote it! There are several ways to do it, and these are the most effective:

Write product reviews: You get a link from a quality site, and it improves its brand image with your comments.

Connect with authority sites: quality is better than quantity.

Network online: Do you want to find out the needs of your audience? Participate in LinkedIn groups, blog comments or Reddit. Likewise, you will get backlinks from other businesses, and more users will discover your website.

Use internal linking: Take advantage of the authority of your own brand and reinforce the positioning of pages with fewer visits.

Conduct interviews in media collaborations: We get the media interested in the team’s knowledge and make them want to learn more through opinion articles, for example.

Create press releases: If the content is excellent and relevant, it can be quickly disseminated by the media.

Backlinks must be natural

In addition to all this, we cannot forget that to make an excellent external link, we must analyze and study the domain with which we are going to collaborate, where, in addition to seeing its traffic trends and keyword positioning, we must consider that it is semantically compatible. , something that can be easily analyzed with the Link Affinity tool.

Analyze the competition

Studying your competition’s backlinks is essential. A company that is linked to your competitor could also relate to you. There are many tools with which you can acquire this kind of information.

Fix broken links

First, fix broken backlinks. On the other hand, some sites may mention your brand but still need to include a link. In these cases, contact them (politely, of course) to have them put it on.

I explain many other methods in my book, Positioning and Reputation on Google through Ethical Link Building.


Thanks to ethical link building, you know some of the tricks to improve your SEO. Work to ensure that your site acquires traffic or links and turns the professionals behind a website into an absolute authority within their sector. This will be key. Google wants to know what is being said, who is saying it, and if the person speaking about a topic is someone recognized.


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