Man does not live on Google alone; there is much life beyond the American giant that Larry Page and Sergey Brin created. And although it must recognize that its operation, products, and characteristics are of high quality compared to other search engines. 

It is also possible to find companies that have created functional tools that can make you forget the great Google. And we will talk about those alternative search engines to Google today in our blog.

Every day we depend more on search engines to obtain answers to our daily queries: addresses, telephone numbers, purchases, etc. We seek speed and security and, of course, find the results we are looking for. Of course, we encourage you to leave your favorite search engine in the comments, and we encourage you to expand the list that we offer below.

But as always, we will have to start at the beginning…

What is a Search Engine?

It is an internet portal where you can explore content from the World Wide Web. Search results for a query usually appear as a list and can consist of web pages, images, videos, and other formats. If we go back a few years, we can say that the first search engine developed was Archie, which was used to search for FTP files.

And how do they work? We enter a search engine and write the search words. At this time, the robots begin their work. They will track millions of web servers to find pages with important information about the queried word. The number of visits measures the popularity of these websites.

Alternative Search Engines to Google

Perhaps many of you reading this post do not know any alternative to Google; we will, l offer them. Do you want to know what other search engines you can use? Are here…


The alternative proposed by Microsoft and known by many users. It has an attractive design and a changing background image that contains information or historical data about a specific date. You can search for images, news, and maps or use some sports widgets. It also has a translator. An exciting option is that Bing allows you to organize searches.


Widely used by those for whom security is paramount since it does not track your data. It is your main competitive advantage. It has a simple interface to use and is clear of annoying elements. You can search both images and videos, music, or text. 

Start Page

It is the most private search engine worldwide since “it does not record, track or share your data.” Data protection is its most significant hallmark. Their servers do not store or share user data. Although they make it clear on their website that their database is fed directly from Google, you will not be followed by advertisements while you search.


A French model that is also committed to data protection. It does not use cookies or exchange personal data. It is a search engine for news, images, websites, and social networks. It also has spaces where users can share information, and an exciting option is Qwant Junior, where what is shown is protected, and educational content is promoted.


In this search engine, what is given more importance is sustainability. Allocates 80% of its income to planting trees in different parts of the world. On average, it takes about 45 searches to make a single tree.


It may also be one of the best known on the list. Ask focuses on the question-answer format rather than word-by-word filtering. In addition, you can search in different languages ​​, and the answers you will receive will be immediate and precise.


In addition to a search engine, it is one of the largest Internet companies in the world, based in Russia, which is why it is one of the most used search engines in that country and Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Turkey. It has its analytical tool and its browser.


The Chinese option, with more than 700 million pages registered in its database. You can search for files in audio format, which complies with all the regulations established by the censorship law in China (something that does not happen with other search engines).


Its main advantage is that it exposes all the information without censorship. Its search engine works with an anonymous proxy capable of recognizing hidden content and making it available for consumption. Journalists and researchers widely use it.


We will save ourselves the tracking of our navigation and the storage of search data. You choose language or country, type of content, and search, and it also integrates a text translator.

There are many more, some specialized, but we will leave them for another occasion. At least you know that Google is not the only search engine (although it does seem the best, that depends on taste) and that there are many alternative search engines to Google.


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