Most electronic correspondence has Anti Spam filters since currently, more than 50% of the emails we send daily in the world are considered spam. 

For this reason, we must know how we should act to reduce their presence in our emails. You are probably wondering what spam is, and when we talk about it, we refer to all the emails we receive regularly but whose origin is unknown. 

They are usually produced in mass shipments. They typically have advertising content and, on other occasions, their mission is to defraud us as users.

The most common way email account extensions use to detect these messages is to apply and verify the presence of standards (sender of the message, originating servers, recipients, existence of viruses.). 

In the case of not exceeding them, it catalogues, locates and redirects them in the so-called Spam list sometimes, and we don’t even know where it is. 

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Despite this, we must take some tips and precautions to reduce the daily amount received in our email accounts since there are no 100% efficient ways to eliminate these malicious documents Anti Spam.

Some Tips to Follow to Protect Computer

Checkout Site is Secure or Not

Do not provide personal data to a website that is not 100% secure. Even so, we should only do them in strictly necessary cases. Be very cautious and cautious when making your address public.

Do not respond to messages of unknown origin that do not appear visibly, in addition to not continuing with massive chains, appealing to your charity or reporting information about viruses.

Read all Terms & Conditions 

Pay attention and review the conditions when completing forms. Many of them sell your information to others who use it for purposes other than the initial ones you requested. On many occasions, they send a link as bait for you to click if you do not want to continue receiving information and, instead, you confirm your address for the new arrival of many more. So be suspicious if they force or entice you to click on another link.

Don’t Use Single Mail Account

A less common one for more formal and reliable topics. And another more daily to hinder the work of random address production programs.

To delete these files, do not open them and select to empty the entire Spam folder, but beware, it is always good to review all the senders because some emails can reach this filter without actually being from this filter and make us a heck, there are so many myths about this that it is always good to review it more than once.

Imagine that you are waiting for a work response, it arrives in that folder, and you never checked it to find out if they had answered you. Remember this well before hitting the delete button because there is no going back once deleted, and Anti Spam is very effective.

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