When you are looking to consolidate a brand, different aspects are essential for the business or company to inspire the necessary security, either financially or in terms of consumer loyalty. 

Among the factors that allow a brand to focus on customer consumption habits, the after-sales relationship, financial benefits, and corporate identity stand out. 

It makes the customer associate certain symbols, colours, and practices with a company.

What is a corporate identity? – people working together is the set of values ​​that is part of the world vision of a company.

Its principles, end marketing actions, the position it adopts in different situations, and the image that the company wants to cultivate.

The corporate identity of a company goes beyond the appearance of the business, and it is related to the company’s significant cultural and organizational issues, known as the corporate identity.

What is a Corporate Identity? 

It is a fundamental aspect for companies of all sizes and segments.

It is essential in the relationship with collaborators and clients.

In addition to the biotype, it represents what a person is, their values, how they relate to other people and how they behave in different situations.

But, to understand what corporate identity is, we explain its elements below. 

What is Corporate Identity? Brand Elements 

Next, we will explain the elements of corporate identity:

Name: You have to choose a name that identifies the corporate identity

Choosing the right name for a business or company, the truth is that is quite a challenge since it has to represent everything that the company is; it is to tell the initial story. 

It is the first element of differentiation of the company. Sometimes the company name can be accompanied by a slogan, and occasionally, if the work is done correctly, the brand can be very well known. 

 Brand Logo

  • A brand logo is a symbol that is created or adapted.
  • It also visually represents the values ​​of the company. 
  • Design specialists explain that the logo must be simple so that the recipient quickly understands the message.
  • The symbol can be related to the written mark or a drawing; it must carry a meaning whatever the choice. 

A computer with a brain is also recommended that variations of the logo be created, for example, on a white background, black background, vertical, horizontal, etc. 

It is essential to clarify that a logo is not the name of your business in PowerPoint with Comic Sans font.


  • The logo is even more important than the name since the human mind remembers images better than words.
  • The logo is a design that adds to or replaces the company name. And it must comply with these premises: be distinctive, durable and sustainable. 

When you are going to build a logo, it is beneficial to ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Is my business fun or serious? You will need a striking colour or quite the opposite depending on the answer.
  2. Who is it for? An adult audience is not the same as a child, or male or female.
  3. Is it something exclusive? It can be a design that conveys elegance and high purchasing power.

Frequently, the logo is not given critical importance, and the truth is that it is the first impression that a client has of the business.

What is Corporate Identity? Images that Evoke the Brand

The use of images, whether they are photos, illustrations or icons, is also part of the corporate visual identity of any brand.

For that reason, it must be consistent with the rest of the elements.

Voice and Tone

Voice and tone refer to how the company expresses its messages and addresses its audiences.

  • Treating the public as “you” is not the same as treating them as “you”.
  • Respect, above all.
  • Remember that it is not what you say but how you say it.

What is Corporate Identity? Increase Brand Experience

  • Website these days, a website tops the list of branding needs. Therefore, it must take care of its design, usability, and contents must take care of its design, usability, and contents. 
  • The website has become the second-best experience of any brand, second only to the background, and in many cases, it is more efficient and faster.
  • Like the website, social networks have made stories, statements and opinions gain more importance, thus forming an element of corporate identity. 
  • To the point that users trust companies with an online presence more, since online reputation is a factor that we must also take care of.

Corporate Stationery that Captures the Identity

Although letters and envelopes are used less frequently today, business cards, flyers, brochures, and catalogs are still widely used stationery items by companies to communicate with consumers.

We remember that there are different opportunities to capture the personality in each of these elements.

What is Corporate Identity? Signage

Another element often not considered but is like a brand identifier is signage.

  • When it comes to businesses with commercial premises, the decoration, including the facade and the brand name sign, will represent the brand.
  • It is essential not to leave the details last. 


  • Packaging makes your brand unique.
  • If your brand’s packaging demonstrates credibility, believe me enough to tell you they’ll take it home. 
  • We are constantly persuaded by the shapes, colours, graphics and packaging messages of the products we consume.

Store shelves are probably the most competitive marketing environment out there, and while much is said, you have to be unique to stand out.


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