The digital sector is an expanding industry; however, companies claim to encounter a major staff shortage. This is reflected in the 2022 Digital Talent Index presented by the Vass Foundation in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid Foundation.

These data highlight a problem in hiring technological talent. To shed light on this issue, Codemotion has analyzed some of the most common mistakes made in selection processes in the technology sector.

The 7 mistakes in hiring IT talent 

  • Search only keywords in the resume: Considering candidates based on their CVs is advisable. It is not certain that they do not have experience handling the technologies needed in the position since developers usually delve into several areas and stay updated with trends. 
  • Not giving detailed feedback: After a selection process, receiving feedback helps candidates grow professionally. This detail also benefits companies since devs exchange experiences and advice, even when looking for a job. In fact, 49.8% 1 of developers use IT communities or their own network of acquaintances to find new job opportunities.
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  • Please accurately explain projects and salaries: IT profiles receive an average of 24 job offers per month 2, and those that do not include technical information about the project, the work modality, or the salary are discarded on the first try.
  • Do not involve the technical team: The lack of involvement of IT team members in the selection processes can lead to a poor explanation of the technical requirements of the position or cause candidates to not find answers to issues that interest them, such as the work methodology used, the technologies, or ongoing projects. In practice, 78.4% of IT professionals prefer to have the first interview with a CTO or other technology leader. Only 21.6% with HR. 1 
  • Avoid it being tedious: During a selection process, taking too long to give an answer can prevent candidates from losing interest. Senior or specialized profiles are usually in high demand. In addition to presenting them with a value proposition, it is advisable to simplify the process. Candidates could lose interest if the selection process consists of more than 3 steps.
  • Give little importance to the attractiveness of your company:  Some companies need to pay more attention to the value of differentiation. Highlighting corporate culture or competitive benefits increases the company’s attractiveness and emphasizes innovation and professional development within the team. 
  • Post ads on recruiting platforms: There are better ways to recruit developers than this. In fact, although traditional platforms are usually the first search option for companies, only 32.4% of technology professionals have been hired through this modality. On the contrary, almost 50% choose IT events and communities to look for work. 

Seven fundamentals to change the rules of the game

To avoid these mistakes, the seven fundamental keys are outlined when recruiting tech talent and achieving a healthy and stimulating work environment that promotes the growth and success of both developers and companies.

  1. Transparency: Encourage clarity at every process step to establish trust.
  2. Speed: Reduce selection times by avoiding endless waits without a response.
  3. Positivity: Creating a positive hiring experience by removing stress for candidates and recruiters.
  4. Trusted network: Build a partnership between devs and companies with the same values ​​and support each other.
  5. Diversity and inclusion: Building development teams that mix talents and perspectives is the only way to achieve great results.
  6. Productivity: Applying the principles of the Manifesto aims to reduce turnover and increase benefits for the company and the teams, enjoying greater psychological well-being.

Driving innovation: Encouraging the creation of innovative products and services in a positive and stimulating environment.

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