Apple Photos has a Smart Albums feature that lets you create custom collections for images or videos in your library based on set criteria. Smart albums make it easy to remember to search terms or keep well-organized photo collections.

What are Smart Albums? 

A smart album is a matter of research that lives with your regular albums. A smart album does not require you to add photos. As you add and remove media, Smart Albums automatically update.

They’re great if you often look for the same thing and want a shortcut. The variables are all laid out for you so that you can build complicated searches. You can also use them to filter media already added to existing albums or group images and videos by date, camera, or person.

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These criteria can be combined to create a very specific search. Now you can be very specific when searching. For example, you can create a “smart album” that combines photos taken in RAW format using a certain camera and lens configuration but with an aperture greater than F/2.8. EXIF files are stored in a media file.

Apple Photos For Mac: Smart Albums

Launch photos from your Mac. To create a smart album, launch the Photos app on your Mac.

Create a new Smart Album in Photos macOS.

These conditions allow you to specify the exact search criteria that your smart albums should adhere to. You will see how many images match your criteria by playing with the settings.

New smart album popups

Click on the plus symbol “+” at the top of the window to add a new condition. This will display a second row where you can enter more criteria. Continue this process until your selection is perfect. Your smart album can be given a name.

Add additional criteria and a tag to a smart photo album.

Your smart album appears in the Photos sidebar next to your regular albums. It will have a cog as its icon. You can modify the criteria you have defined by right-clicking on it.

Editing a smart album will change its search settings.

Can you Create Or View Smart Albums On Your IPhone? 

Unfortunately, Smart Albums cannot be created or viewed on an iPhone. Sorting iPhone or iPad photos is possible on Mac, but you must go through the Mac version. Media taken with iPhone and iPad models are subject to several different criteria. This includes separate entries per device when sorting media by the camera. Separating the images according to the lens (including the front lens) used is also possible.

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