You can edit photos from your last trip or want to edit your business product photos like a pro. In any case, you need to know the best free and paid photo editing apps.

And Congratulations! Because you have come to the right place. In this post, we will list the best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android in 2023.

What it is about, after all, is to attract attention to your business, to stand out above the rest, so that customers pay attention to your store and buy your products. But achieving it is increasingly difficult since the competition is enormous. To give you an idea, according to our statistics, 71% of companies in the United States alone use Instagram to do business. 

The good thing about all this is that photos are an effective way to grab someone’s attention because you know the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Yes indeed. Your photos better be good, as the competition is fierce. 

But don’t worry if you’re not a great artist with a camera or can’t photograph your products because you don’t have direct access to them; you can use one of these sites to download free images and then use one of the photo editing apps that we introduce to you.

Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

1. Afterlight 2

Available on  iOS  and  Android  | Free 

Best For: Full editing and artistic overlays.

Afterlight 2 calls itself the all-in-one photo editing app, which describes it very well.

This photo editor contains all the basic features, including tools to adjust exposure, saturation, contrast, and hue. And your options for adding and customizing text are vast.

In addition, it offers the possibility to choose from more than 128 frames and many great filters that you can customize to suit your needs.

Best of all, it has a set of textures, including prism effects, real film light leaks, and dusty film overlays, all of which allow you to create unique images that stand out and grab people’s attention.

This photo editing app also works with RAW files on both iOS and Android.

In general, Afterlight is worth it because the free version is complete. There are neither hidden charges nor recurring subscription fees, so your company’s accounting  – from a cost point of view – will not be affected much.

2. Snapseed

Available on  iOS  and  Android  | Free

Ideal for: Advanced photo editing on a mobile device.

Google’s photo editor Snapseed packs a punch by competing with the best desktop photo editors with its wide range of features and intuitive interface.

As you’d expect, this free photo editing app includes a handy range of preset filters. However, unlike most photo editing apps, you can intuitively modify these filters and even create your own from scratch.

It also has all the classic tools like cropping, straightening, framing, text, bullets, etc. And the sharpening function does its job well without the image ever looking grainy.

Snapseed also has a precision masking feature, which allows you to edit the depth of field. Professional photographers often use this effect to sharpen the foreground and background simultaneously. That way, they stand out and draw attention to the unique products you sell in your dropshipping store.

There is also a “Selective Tuning” tool. This feature allows you to select a specific area in your photo and adjust the saturation, contrast, and brightness of that single point.

Furthermore, this photo editor saves your editing history so that you can modify your previous photos at any time in case the final result doesn’t quite convince you or there is something that doesn’t look quite right.


Available on  iOS  and  Android  | Free

Best For: Classic-looking filters.

This app is very similar to Instagram. In a nutshell, VSCO is one of the best photo editors since it combines a camera, editing tools, and an online community. 

But given the social potential of Instagram, chances are you’ll end up downloading VSCO just for its filters.

This free photo editing program provides a set of awesome filters that make your photos look like they were taken with an analog film camera. 

With VSCO’s smooth and subtle filters, you’ll add a touch of class to your photos, compared to many of the presets used, for example, in Instagram stories (which can appear overly filtered  ).

The filters are also adjustable through a simple slider that is very intuitive to use.

Of course, like any photo editing app, you’ll get all the standard editing tools like adjustments, cropping, borders, and vignettes. This photo editor can adjust exposure, contrast, temperature, or skin tones.

Once you have finished working with your photo and are completely satisfied with the result, you can share it with the VSCO community or the rest of the most popular social networks.

4. Prism Photo Editor

Available on  iOS  and  Android  | Free

Ideal for: turning your photos into artistic “paintings” and “drawings.”

We agree: most filters that turn photos into “drawings” or “paintings” are horrible.

But Prisma Photo Editor is the exception.

This free photo editing app uses artificial neural networks (whatever that means), which “allows users to make photos look like they were painted by Picasso, Munch, or even Salvador Dali himself. “

Give it a try: you’ll be surprised how much you’ll like it.

And if you get the hang of turning your images into works of art, you can pay to access additional filters. Although we anticipate you will find many filters in the free option.

Prisma also has a community where you can even find influencers. 

So as soon as you’ve finished editing an image, we recommend sharing it to your   Prisma feed, saving it directly to your device, or sharing it socially following your social media marketing plan.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Available on  iOS  and  Android   | Free

Ideal for: general photo editing.

Adobe Photoshop Express includes almost all the functionality of the best photo editors, like Photoshop desktop software, and integrates it into an easy-to-use mobile application.

And despite providing many advanced features,  this photo editing app is easy to use on a small touch screen.

It is so easy to use that you have to upload a photo from your device, take a new capture with the mobile camera or use an image from your Adobe Creative Cloud account and then start editing it without having to sign up for a course or to be an expert in digital publishing.

With this photo editing app, you will have all the tools you need for your successful ecommerce business: cropping, red-eye correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, filters, borders, etc.

The best part, though, is its selection of smart filters.

These filters automatically correct common issues like color temperature and exposure issues.

Remember that before using Adobe Photoshop Express, you must sign up for a free Adobe ID account on their website.

In short: this application to edit photos will come in handy if you want to show high-quality images in your Facebook ads that are attractive and help you sell more.


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