AirTags are among the significant releases Apple has made in the past year. Thanks to its use, people can have their objects located, from the house keys to the car. However, in the wrong hands, they can use them to spy on third parties. 

This is demonstrated by the testimonies of several women in the United States, which have already been collected by media such as ‘The New York Times ‘.

The Cupertino company has shared a new device security guide intended to inform users if they are monitoring their movements with the locator. 

“If you find one that is not yours, you can see its serial number, help return it to its owner, or deactivate it,” explains the technology company.

On iPhone

As some blogs explained at the time, the device does not have a battery. Inside it hides a battery that can remove can remove by removing the metal surface. 

Without a battery, it doesn’t work. However, if you are an iPhone user, you should know that if you are wearing an Airtag that is not configured on your device, you will receive an on-screen notification that reads ‘Item detected near you’.

If you see this message, you must click on it and then continue’. After this, a new screen will open in which you are given the option to order the AirTag to emit a sound; in this way, you will be able to locate it if you are not sure where it has been placed. 

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To deactivate it, in addition to removing the battery, as we have explained before, click on ‘Instructions to deactivate’ and follow the steps on the screen.

As they explain from Apple, “if you see this message on your device, the owner (of the AirTag) could see your location.” If you find it, if you think you are being spied on, you must bring the facts to the attention of the Police.

On Android

If you are an Android user and discover an AirTag among your belongings, you should download the Tracker Detect application, available on the official Google Play Store. 

“Tracker Detect looks for item trackers within Bluetooth range that are separate from their owner and that are compatible with Apple’s Find My network. These include AirTag and compatible item trackers that use the Find My network

If you think someone is using an AirTag or other item tracker to track your location, you can scan to find them.

The technology highlights that “if the application detects an AirTag or a compatible item tracker near you for at least 10 minutes, it can play a sound to help locate it”. 

After finding it, you must follow the instructions of the ‘app’ to deactivate it.

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