Wireless Connections

WiFi, Bluetooth, VPN, and NFC are all types of connections and terms that are increasingly used, but what do we know about them? Do we know their risks? Do we have them correctly configured so that they are secure? Keys to understand the importance of keeping your connections safe from cybercriminals.

Each type of connection we use daily has characteristics and, therefore, security implications. You must be aware of the risks of using unsecured connections and the threats to which you could be exposed when using networks whose configuration you do not know, such as the theft of personal data, identity theft, or the use of our network for illegal activities, among others.

What can happen if you don’t adequately protect your WiFi or configure the home router? We will only achieve a safe and reliable network environment if we correctly configure our router, preventing strangers from connecting to our network, intercepting our communications, or exploiting vulnerabilities in our devices connected to the Internet. 

We must adopt prevention guidelines, such as changing our WiFi network’s name and password, updating the router firmware, activating network encryption, controlling which devices connect or turning off remote administration.  We give you all the information you need to know to ensure your router “is as protected as a castle”.

You should know that it is essential to take precautions when using public WiFi networks to protect your personal information and avoid being a victim of cyber attacks. To do this, avoid accessing confidential information when connected to these open WiFi networks or use a private network, virtual network, or VPN instead.

This campaign included information about virtual private networks (VPN) and technology, a short-range wireless technology that allows two devices to be connected by simply bringing one closer.

But there’s more: Bluetooth is another widely used connection between devices to connect or transfer files, so keep it deactivated when you are not using it, use secure access codes, deactivate visibility when it is not necessary, or avoid automatic pairings. These are some of the recommendations that we offer you.

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