You have old mobiles stored in a drawer at home without fear of being wrong. Considering that the average change of phones is a year and a half and that they are changed either because they break or because we acquire more updated models, you have accumulated some “relics.”

According to the data, more than 24 million phones remain unused yearly. And only 8% of used mobiles are recycled.

Fortunately, today on this blog, we will give you solutions to dispose of those forgotten electronic devices in different ways.

Attention! Next, we tell you everything you can do with them.

Option 1: Reuse

Yes, you can give other uses to your mobile phones. We suggest some options:

Wireless Webcam: Many mobile applications can help you turn your smartphone into a webcam: SmartCam or EpocCam (for Android) and Kinoni (for iOS). You can, for example, remotely monitor your home by reusing an old mobile.

Ancient Games: By simply downloading RetroArch (an Android app), you have access to classic games that will keep you entertained. The app is updated quite often and is compatible with different operating systems.

Playstation: Of course, on a different level than the famous game console, but with an old mobile and installing FPse and ePSXe (two apps for Android), you can turn your smartphone into a small game console. That being so, both apps are paid (they cost less than 4 euros).

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Portraits. You can use a Digital Photo Frame to place your best photo if you have a good screen and resolution device.

Remote control: You can control your phone’s TV, DVD, or CD player. Of course, as long as it has an infrared port (if not, you will have to buy an adapter). The application that would allow you to turn your mobile phone into a remote control is Peel Smart Remote (although there are others).

Ebook reader: Kindle has a version available for iOS and Android, although you have other alternatives.

Alarm clock:  It is Always by the bed. You will never be late. And there are many apps to have fun alarms.

Photo camera:  You can leave it to the little ones so that they begin to bring out the professional photographer in them.

Locate your car:  You hide it in the vehicle, and being able to know its location, you have an option to find your car quickly if it is stolen or you forget where you have parked.

Baby Control: The Dormi app (available for free on Google Play) or Baby Monitor 3G (on the App Store) can help you.

Like a music player, you can continue enjoying your favorite songs and turn your old smartphone into an mp3, using the radio or applications like Spotify.

Option 2: Recycle

Since you will not use it, you better get rid of it correctly because, according to statistics, little technological waste is recovered for recycling. And up to ¾ of the phone can be recycled. In fact, there are already more mobiles than people on our planet. Mobile phone recycling represents significant environmental and community benefits. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, keeps valuable material out of landfills and incinerators, and conserves natural resources. In fact, the battery of a single mobile can contaminate 600,000 liters of water.

Never, we repeat NEVER, throw them away. Appliances can be taken to retail stores for recycling. You can also go to the TragaMóvil Foundation, with telephone collection points throughout countries.

Option 3: Sale

You can also earn some money by selling your used mobile. The second-hand market is more active than ever in the mobile world, and you can get money according to its quality, brand, and condition.

Do you want to sell your used mobile? You have different alternatives…

You can give it to your supplier. Typically, mobile brands collect their old mobiles and provide the seller a discount on their next purchase. However, each brand has particularities, so you must consult with them.

Amazon: They have a shopping program for used electronics and pay you with a gift card to spend on their website.

Gazelle: It also has an option to sell old and used mobiles, and the website is straightforward.

Bestbuy: It works the same way as Amazon, you sell your old mobile, and they give you a card with the amount to spend in their store.

Zonzoo: With free shipping. You just have to wrap your phone and wait for a courier to pick it up. When its status is verified, the company makes a transfer for the agreed amount.

Money & Mobile. A company dedicated to the reuse of mobiles. They say that in just 48 hours you have the money for the sale of your mobile.

TopDollarMobile:  One of the oldest on the list, of English origin. It is one of the companies that pay the most for used mobile. Also, donate part of them.

MovilBak: They collaborate with the Red Cross and other foundations and claim to be the leading company in mobile phone recycling.

Option 4: Donation

Some organizations collect these terminals to give them a new use. You can contact Oxfam Intermón, Red Cross, Amnesty International, or Correos.

On March 18th International Recycling Day is celebrated; we hope that this post will serve to contribute to the protection of our environment by helping us to recycle a product of daily use and quite polluting.

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