The Digital Kit is a tool that offers many advantages for freelancers and business people who know how to apply for it well.

Are you self-employed, or do you have a company and still need to learn what the Digital Kit is? Then you are most likely missing an important opportunity to boost your business. Do we still need to figure out what we’re talking about? Then continue reading. Throughout this article, we will give you the fundamental keys so that you know what all this consists of and how to take advantage of it.

What is it?

When asked what the Digital Kit is, the easiest way to answer is by saying that it is an initiative of the Government. The main purpose of the Digital Kit bonus is to collaborate with businesses to facilitate their digital transition.

In other words, if you submit a Digital Kit application, you can receive support to increase your business’s digital adaptation. Now, for this, you have to know very well how to request the Digital Kit, and that is what we will tell you.

Thus, from that general aid program for SMEs and the self-employed, Acelera Pyme, the Digital KitIt is your most important initiative. In any case, the Digital Kit of European funds framed in the Next Generation plan was born.

Advantages of the Digital Kit

The main advantages of the Digital Kit grants revolve around accelerating your business’s digital transition. If you meet the requirements of the Digital Kit, you can receive financial aid that will help you invest in the digitization of your business.

This is equally advantageous within the framework of the Digital Kit for freelancers and SMEs. Of course, you have to know the submission deadlines for the Digital Kit, which we will show you later.

How to access the Digital Kit bonus?

To access the Digital Kit program, following the channels specifically designed for it is necessary. To this end, it is necessary to understand that the Digital Kit for companies and freelancers is not accessed similarly. In this line, we present the two possible answers to the question of requesting the Digital Kit.

Application for SMEs

The Acelera Pyme Digital Kit is requested by registering on the Plan’s official website. You must complete a digital diagnostic test and, later, access the proposed solutions. After that, you can present a formal solution for the Digital Kit to the Government. The specific content of the request will vary depending on the total number of employees.

Application for self-employed

The Self-Employed Digital Kit is also requested by registering on the official website. However, the content of the request is different. Likewise, it is optional to determine the number of employees since it can be requested by a self-employed person who does not employ anyone. The aid of the Digital Kit, yes, will consist of similar amounts.

If you need help processing the Digital Kit, keep reading because we may surprise you with this new service that we have launched.


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