What is the first thing that comes to mind when you consider deactivating airplane mode on a flight? Until the advent of 5G, it was always thought that deactivating airplane mode during a flight would cause a plane crash, interference in communication with the control tower, or that the plane would crash. 

Good news! You will now be able to have 5G internet on your flights without worrying! And in this post, we will tell you why. 

On November 26, the EU published an update on the regulations on onboard communications in airplanes, assigning specific frequencies for 5G during flights, which translates as a “non-mandatory” use of Airplane mode. 

With this update, the EC has also updated the position of the 5 GHz bands so that Wi-Fi can be enjoyed in road transport, and why not! By heaven! 

Why was airplane mode born?

Airplane mode was born to facilitate communications between flight crews and air traffic controllers since, if you remember, at that time, it was argued that signal and radio frequency transmission technologies could affect pilots’ communications. 

What fault can 5G have? 

5G is nothing more than the “fifth generation of mobile networks” that we know of. They have already forgotten the old 1G network that only allowed phone calls; 2G was the introduction to SMS, and little by little, it evolved into smartphones. The Internet was incorporated with 3G, and finally, broadband, video playback in real-time or augmented reality with 4G.  

What did 5G bring with it, and how relevant is it? 5G can’t connect various wireless devices. At the same time, it provides Internet access and telephony. To do this, 5G uses higher network frequency bands than those used for 4G and thus improves network performance. 

For example, thanks to 5G, it will be possible to have Wi-Fi on planes, and, best of all, we will be able to connect since the spectrum for communications on board planes has been expanded, determining specific 5G frequencies for the flight. 

In short, the planes will have in the coming years Wi-Fi in the cabins! To connect to Wi-Fi, we have to have a signal. Therefore we must have 5G and the “airplane mode” deactivated.


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