What will our world look like in 2025? Today, I present ten predictions on technology and innovation that show where we could be heading in the next ten years.

How will science and technology affect our lives in the next ten years? To this end, Thomson Reuters regularly evaluates various resources and patents and uses them to develop research and innovation.

Ten Predictions for 2025

The following infographics contain ten predictions for our life in 2025, which are further explained below.

Cancer treatments have only minor toxic side effects

Targeted compounds and specific molecular mechanisms will produce fewer toxic side effects and improve efficacy in treating cancer and other diseases.

Dementia will decrease

Advances in genomic research will contribute to the fight against neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Digital: everything … everywhere

Today’s concepts of “smart devices” and “connectivity” will increasingly encompass almost every aspect of life and society due to advances in materials and systems.

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From the smallest personal object to the largest continent, everything, everywhere, will be digitally connected and respond to our wishes and preferences.

Food shortages and fluctuating food prices are a thing of the past

Advances in agricultural techniques, such as lighting and genetics, will improve and expand crop production’s capacity, quality and stability.

DNA mapping at birth becomes standard to avoid disease risk

Individual genetic testing will fundamentally change methods of health screening and treatment. At the same time, advances in nanotechnology will expand diagnostic possibilities. Detailed cellular examinations, combined with Big Data technologies, will enable DNA mapping at birth and as part of an annual check-up standard.

Aviation will switch to electric motors

New sources of energy and materials that are light but strong and resistant will change how we move on land and in the air.

Lightweight space technology combined with new battery technologies will make using electric vehicles on land and in the air possible.

Petroleum-based packaging is a thing of the past; cellulose-based packaging is the rule

To reduce a chronic source of waste and pollution, the packaging industry will shift from petroleum-based products to biodegradable cellulose-based materials.

Nanocellulose-based bio-nanocomposites enable fully biodegradable packaging with the same quality characteristics as current petroleum-based plastics.

The sun is becoming the greatest source of energy on the planet

New technologies for capturing, converting and storing solar energy will make the sun, and therefore solar energy, the most important and primary energy source on our planet.

Teleportation will be controlled

As high-energy research and theoretical physics advance our knowledge of fundamental questions of nature and matter, the study of new concepts, such as quantum teleportation, will advance and expand toward normality.

Type 1 diabetes becomes preventable

Advances in genome research will make it possible to modify and repair genes to cure and prevent disease in humans.

A versatile human genome engineering platform will become a reality, paving the way for modifying disease-causing genes and helping to prevent certain metabolic diseases.

What are the likely predictions?

As always, “forecasting is especially difficult regarding the future.” Not everything will likely happen in the same way and at the exact time. Some things seem desirable but are still far away.

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