Online Purchasing

More and more people are choosing to purchase the products or services they want through the Internet, but the risk is increasing. The increase in cyberattacks and threats can endanger online purchasing. Many data can fall into the hands of other people’s friends, so it is advisable to pay attention to avoid making mistakes.

For this reason, PaynoPain wants to remember the five main bad habits that should be avoided when buying online:

  • Purchases on websites without a digital certificate: Every customer who purchases online must verify that the website they visit has this certificate. The way to check it is straightforward. If the URL is accompanied by a padlock or if the URL itself includes an -s at the end, it is a web page where user data is protected.
  • Refrain from reading other customers’ opinions: Visiting different portals or relying on social networks is more than advisable to check what feedback customers give about a particular brand, product, or service. This way, reading customer reviews will help you buy safely and avoid scams.
  • Take risks in payments: To offer customers a secure purchasing option, businesses must have a payment gateway up to par to avoid fraud. Payment systems must verify the user’s identity through authentication elements, such as a mobile phone, a password, or facial recognition.
  • Not reading the purchase conditions: Paying attention to the fine print is mandatory. If this is not done, the user can make a fatal mistake because, through a simple click, they can accept unwanted charges on their card and give up susceptible information.

Not having solid passwords: The keys must be long and difficult to guess. Therefore, clients should alternate between lower and upper case letters and include special characters such as hyphens or asterisks to make things difficult for criminals. Furthermore, it is advisable to use a different password in multiple registrations.


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