It may seem silly, but these functions make our lives much more comfortable. Having an automated aquarium and not worrying about turning it on, having Alexa turn off the television if we don’t find the remote… There are more and more things we can do with technology.

Today, we will see how we can turn the lights on and off in our house from any point, whether one meter from the key or even in a different country. It has more utilities than it may seem, especially when you have it installed and try it.

Turn off your lights from anywhere

There are many ways to perform this action. The most common thing you will all be thinking about is changing our light bulbs to smart ones. Valuable something if you have a lamp you want to turn off without leaving the sofa. However, we will go one point further. We want to be able to turn off any place in the house without changing our installation. 

In other words, this method will work whether you have halogen lamps in the corridor, a lamp with 20 bulbs in the living room or simply some halogen bars in the kitchen, ancient but which will also work.

For this, we will acquire a smart key, which works physically (like the usual one) or through WiFi. It is fully functional, and I recommend it because it is the one I have at home. 

Switches are suitable for any room, whether it has a single key or more since we can buy from a simple one-to-one with 4. And all… for less than 10 euros!

Once you have your chosen product, depending on the number of keys or preferred design, all that remains is to install it. It is a straightforward process. 

These devices are fitted by pressure; you will only have to insert your fingernail or a pointed utensil a little and remove it to add your new key and change the corresponding cables from one to the other. And ready. 

You won’t have to do anything else. If you need help with this, search for “how to change the light switch” on YouTube. It does not matter if they are intelligent or not; they are installed in the same way.

From now on, you only have to download the App that comes with the product and pair it via WiFi. You will now have the option to turn the lights on or off manually, as usual, or through this with your phone.

They can also be linked with Alexa and perform all commands by voice. Even lower or raise the intensity, as well as change the color of the bulbs if they allow us to.

And with that said, you can now go buy them. I have the whole house full of them. They are so simple and easy to install that you will want to live with them later.

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