There are tools on the Internet, such as the page ‘have I been pwned?’, where users can see if any of their emails or numbers has been discovered.

With 2,000 million users, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used applications globally; that is why it is common for cybercriminals to be interested in data related to the platform.

Recently the specialized site ‘ CyberNews ‘ reported that a criminal was marketing with 487 million telephone numbers that have the messaging application downloaded on the ‘smartphone’. 11 million of them are Internet users settled.

Knowing if a user has a WhatsApp account, the criminal can carry out more targeted attacks to steal their personal data and bank passwords or even control the account in the application.

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Although up to now, it is unknown how cybercriminals were able to get so many numbers with WhatsApp accounts, the user does have tools to check if their phone number is among those affected by a leak.

The most popular is the page ‘ have I been pwned? ‘, where the user can quickly check if their phone number or email has been involved in any data breach.

To use the tool, the Internet user only has to enter their phone number or email and do a quick search. You will then be able to check if your data has been aired and in which specific leak.

In addition, some advice will be shown on the screen on the steps to follow to protect the accounts, such as not repeating passwords or activating two-step authentication whenever the application or the tool on duty allows it.

It is possible that, for the moment, ‘have I been pwned?’ has not added this leak of WhatsApp numbers, so it may be interesting to visit the page in the coming weeks to completely clear up any doubts. 

If the user enters now, they can check if any of their email numbers or passwords have been discovered in other similar cases.

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