The use of chatbots in ecommerce continues to increase thanks to the results it offers. It uses an AI application in which a bot talks to the customer about any questions they may have. The objective is none other than to serve a business in a more empathetic way and manage to maintain the level of conversion.

In fact, in the opinion of Noelima Romanillos, Sales Specialist Director Iberia, France and North Africa at Genesys, “industry trends are reflected in a very significant increase in interactions that take place, totally or partially, with a bot; in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI); in increasing agent productivity and customer satisfaction with these scenarios; in the capacity of social networks to connect people; in the desire of the clients that the supplier identifies with them; in the exponential increase of users in messaging channels; in the growing need to have digital channels to meet the needs of customers; and in the emergence of messaging as a favorite contact channel.

7 Advantages of Chatbots in Online Stores

A recent study confirms that chatbots will be common in 80% of websites. Automating customer service is essential to make the most of each working day and resolve doubts. Its use has already become widespread in sectors such as fashion, which generates the most doubts in the potential client and others where the product characteristics must be more specific to adjust to the client’s needs.

As far as its advantages are concerned, these are the seven most important ones.

1. Personalized Customer Service

Being able to be programmed with all the possible questions that a client may have, the result of its use is always positive. It is important to mention that joining an Internet store allows you to have a virtual salesperson at all times, increasing the possibility of customer loyalty.

2. The Ability to Collect Useful Information

By reviewing the most asked questions or the most raised doubts, it is easier to correct the most problematic aspects, thus improving the website’s usability and the brand’s reputation.

3. Saving Time and Personnel

Its use is automatic, and assigning an employee to answer queries is not necessary. The reason why the working time is rationalized immediately. Only a small check is necessary, which only takes a few minutes, to ensure it is working correctly.

4. Reducing Cart Abandonment

This situation usually occurs when a customer adds an item to the shopping cart but does not make the payment due to some problem. Solving this situation in an automated way directly affects the increase in conversion levels.

5. They Reduce the Response time via e-mail or Telephone

The corresponding chatbot can be programmed to answer the phone or email using specific templates. Receiving an immediate response conveys concern for the client and professionalism.

6. Its Use is Simple

It is easy to install, and you don’t need to be computer savvy to get the job done correctly.

7. It can be Created ad-hoc for a Business

It offers different customization possibilities, which allows the potential client not to perceive that it is something foreign to the company. Thus, giving a personal touch to the answers and questions you can ask is easier.

Types of Chatbots in ecommerce: Which one do you Need?

After knowing the advantages of this option, it is important to clarify that there are different types of chatbots for online businesses that adapt to the utility each business wants to give them.

Dumb Chatbots

Starting from a customizable menu of options, they respond to the client depending on their chosen alternatives. To increase their effectiveness, writing the answers in a more personal tone is convenient. They are very effective for generating leads but not so much for resolving doubts that are not specified in their programmed options.

Smart Chatbots

They are based on their own experience to improve the resolution of the processes gradually. Although they can be programmed like the previous ones, they always offer a more immediate and personalized response. They also can offer direct customer solutions that allow him to solve his problem in the shortest possible time.

Sale and Assistance

The help desks look for the products that the customer types in seconds. This option lowers the level of the bounce rate and facilitates conversion. Can argue that they are also essential in the step between the inclusion of an item in the shopping cart and the payment. Attendance at that time is crucial for the customer to opt for the conversion.


Social networks continue to be a great showcase for any business, in which both the products and the way of treating customers are shown. A chatbot of this type is responsible for selecting the latest news from an online store and sending them to a potential customer as if it were a conversation. These recommendations generate the interest of customers by inciting them to purchase.


The possibility of including images, sound, and purchase buttons is always important when turning this type of chatbot into a tool to generate suggestions.


They are the most advanced and seem to have become an option to consider shortly. They are added to WhatsApp and can even answer phone calls naturally. It is a fairly effective option to make it easier for clients to formulate their questions.

Decide: Why have a Chatbot in ecommerce?

Considering the above information, it is easy to deduce that each e-commerce needs a specific type of chatbot. Everything will depend on the clientele segmentation, the use of the Internet, and the market niche. What is undeniable is that the use of this tool has ceased to be optional and has become essential.

Having, for a more than affordable cost, an application that attends to customers as it has been programmed is always synonymous with success. Betting on technological innovation, digital transformation, and adapting to the requirements of new clients as well.

A chatbot for e-commerce can become the cornerstone of a business renovation that ends with a progressive increase in profits and the number of leads and potential customers.

In addition, it saves costs, improves branding, and is easy to use. Giving up the advantages of this option is choosing the usual path, which may be the one that diverts the company from its main objective: to maintain or increase its level of sales.


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